Bannock (tribe)

Bannock (tribe)

The Bannock or Banate are a Native American people who traditionally lived in the northern Great Basin in what is now southeastern Oregon and Southern Idaho. They speak the Northern Paiute Language and are closely related to the Northern Paiute people. Some anthropologists consider the Bannock to be simply the northern-most bands of the Northern Paiute. The degree to which the Bannock considered themselves separate from the Northern Paiute at the time of contact is unclear. The Bannock developed a horse culture and associated closely with the Northern Shoshone.

The Bannock are prominent in American History due to the Bannock War of 1878. After the war, the Bannock moved onto the Fort Hall Indian Reservation with the Northern Shoshone and gradually their tribes merged. Today they are styled the Shoshone-Bannock. The Bannock live on the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, 544,000 acres (2,201 km²) in Southeastern Idaho. Lemhi and Northern Shoshone live with the Bannock Indians.

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