Holland (surname)

Holland (surname)

Architecture and engineering

* Clifford Milburn Holland, designer of the Holland Tunnel
* Henry Holland, 18th century Georgian architect
* John Philip Holland, Irish submarine designer

Film, theatre and television

* Agnieszka Holland, Polish film director
* Deidre Holland, Dutch porn star
* George Holland, nineteenth-century actor
* Savage Steve Holland, American animator
* Steve Holland, American actor and model
* Tom Holland (director), American film director
* Willa Holland, American model and actress

Literature and Linguistics

* Cecelia Holland, American historical novelist
* Merlin Holland (born 1945), British writer and grandson of Oscar Wilde
* Philemon Holland, 16th/17th century English translator
* Richard Holland, 15th century Scottish writer
* Thomas Holland (translator) (1539–1612)
* Tom Holland (author) (born 1968), British author
* Vyvyan Holland (1886–1967), British author, translator and son of Oscar Wilde
* William Holland (1776–1819), English diarist


* Brian Holland, African-American songwriter and record producer
* Dave Holland, British jazz bassist and composer
* Dave Holland (drummer), British rock drummer
* Dexter Holland, singer and guitarist of the American punk band The Offspring
* Jerry Holland (fiddler), a noted Canadian fiddler
* Jolie Holland, American singer and songwriter
* Jools Holland, British pianist
* Tom Holland (blues musician), Chicago Blues Guitarist/Vocalist


* John Holland, 1st Duke of Exeter (c. 1352–1400), English nobleman
* John Holland, 2nd Duke of Exeter (1395–1447), English nobleman and military commander during the Hundred Years' War
* Margaret Holland, daughter of Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent
* Robert de Holland, 1st Baron Holand (1270–1328), English nobleman
* Thomas Holland, 1st Earl of Kent (c. 1314–1360), English nobleman and military commander during the Hundred Years' War.
* Thomas Holland, 2nd Earl of Kent (1350–1397), English nobleman and a councillor of his half-brother Richard II (1374–1400)
* Thomas Holland, 1st Duke of Surrey (1374–1400), aka 3rd Earl of Kent


* Derek Holland, figure of the European far right
* Harry Holland, New Zealand politician and unionist
* Henry Holland, 1st Viscount Knutsford, the 19th and 20th century politician
* Henry Edmund Holland (1868–1933), New Zealand politician
* Henry Holland, mayor of Christchurch, New Zealand
* Henry Holland (Australian politician) an Australian politician and newspaper owner
* James Holland, U.S. Congressman from the state of North Carolina in the 18th/19th century
* Lionel Holland, (1865 - 1936) a British politician.
* Mark Holland, member of the Canadian parliament
* Samuel Holland, American politician in the 20th century
* Sidney Holland, Prime Minister of New Zealand
* Spessard Holland, a British Labour politician and academic
* Stuart Holland, British Labour politician and academic


* Sir Henry Holland, 1st Baronet, the 19th century physician and travel writer
* John L. Holland developer of RIASEC theory
* John Henry Holland, pioneer in genetic algorithms
* Thomas Henry Holland (1868–1947), British geologist
* William Jacob Holland (1848–1932), zoologist, palaeontologist, and ordained Presbyterian minister


* Jerry Holland (NHL), professional hockey player
* Matt Holland, Irish football (soccer) player
* Tom Holland (footballer), English football (soccer) player
* Tyler Holland, High School Football Player (Avon Orioles Avon, IN)


* Thomas Holland (Blessed), d. 1642, Catholic priest, Jesuit and martyr.
* Thomas Holland (Puritan), Puritan divine
* Jeffrey R. Holland, a current LDS Apostle.


* Cyril Holland (1885–1915), son of Oscar Wilde, brother of Vyvyan Holland
* Dave Holland (Klansman), U.S. white supremacist
* Henry Holland (rifleman), British shotgun manufacturer
* Kimberly Holland, American "Playboy" playmate
* Wau Holland, computer hacker

ee also

* Holland (disambiguation)
* Hollande
* Hollander (includes Hollaender and Holländer)

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