X Games skateboarding 2004 street

X Games skateboarding 2004 street

X Games 2004 skateboarding street includingTen of the world best skateboarders are skating outside the Staples Center in Downtown Los Angeles. The skateboarders were Eric Koston, Bastien Salabanzi, Geoff Rowley, Paul Rodriguez Jr., Ryan Sheckler, Greg Lutzka, Mark Appleyard, Chad Muska, Tony Trujilo and Andrew Reynolds.


* 1. Ryan Sheckler
* 2. Andrew Reynolds
* 3. Bastien Salabanzi
* 4. Mark Appleyard
* 5. Eric Koston
* 6. Greg Lutzka
* 7. Tony Trujilo
* 8. Geoff Rowley
* 9. Paul Rodriguez
* 10. Chad Muska


* "The course is sick because it's real obstacles, natural terrain."—Chad Muska

* "I don't really do good in contests usually. I like jam formats. I don't like to have a minute to do your tricks. If it's a jam, I'll be there."—Mark Appleyard

* "It's unbelievable. I'm just worried he's going to hurt himself. I told him, 'Do you want me to go so I don't throw you off?'He said 'Nah, dad. I'm gonna take no prisoners.' It's a great day for my boy."—comedian Paul Rodriguez Sr., on his son's win

* "The format was sick, not to much pressure on the guys in the contest. Everyone has fun skating no matter if you win or lose. It was also sick skating with the Flip dudes, considering they talked sh*t about the X Games in the 'Real Sorry' video."—Greg Lutzka


* Andrew Reynolds popped huge f/s shifty flips over the shrub-kicker gap and then immediately followed it with a huge b/s shifty flip over the same obstacle. Andrew rarely enters contests, so this was a special treat for those in attendance. Now you know why he's the boss.

* Despite being in the limelight more for his music producing than skating, Chad Muska still proved he has the skills to pay the bills. I especially liked his pink-and-light-blue outfit, complete with Michael Jackson gloves reminiscent of Miami Vice.

* Tony Trujillio's loose, casual practice runs were incredible and I had him pegged for an easy first place. Unfortunately a few falls kept away from the big money. His long hair and bandana made him look like an unusual cross between a young Willy Nelson and an Indian squaw.

* Koston did a backside noseblunt on the nine-stair rail and almost did a fakie 5-0 to trey-flip out off one of the ledges. His dork tricks will always be better than the best trick you have ever done.

* The jam format was awesome, and should be the way all contests are held in the future.

* Milwaukee, WI, native Greg Lutzka's family and friends were in the stands adorned in Cheese headgear supporting the current world champ. Greg had a few falls, but still banged out tuff kicky backlips on the nine-stair rail and speedy lines throughout.

* Paul Rodriguez did about ten tricks on each obstacle so perfect it made me want to cry, and I'm a grown man of nearly 40.


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