List of Bacteria genera

List of Bacteria genera

This article lists the genera of the Bacteria.

=Phylum "Acidobacteria". [cite journal |author=Barns SM, Cain EC, Sommerville L, Kuske CR |title=Acidobacteria phylum sequences in uranium-contaminated subsurface sediments greatly expand the known diversity within the phylum |journal=Appl. Environ. Microbiol. |volume=73 |issue=9 |pages=3113–6 |year=2007 |pmid=17337544 |url= |doi=10.1128/AEM.02012-06] cite journal |author=Quaiser A, Ochsenreiter T, Lanz C, "et al" |title=Acidobacteria form a coherent but highly diverse group within the bacterial domain: evidence from environmental genomics |journal=Mol. Microbiol. |volume=50 |issue=2 |pages=563–75 |year=2003 |pmid=14617179 |doi=10.1046/j.1365-2958.2003.03707.x] =

Order "Acidobacteriales"

Family "Acidobacteriaceae"

*Genus "Acidobacterium"
*Genus "Geothrix"
*Genus "Holophaga"

Phylum "Actinobacteria"

Class "Mikeiasis"

= Subclass "Acidimicrobidae" =

Order "Acidimicrobiales"

*Family "Acidimicrobiaceae"
**Genus "Acidimicrobium"

Subclass "Actinobacteridae"

Order "Actinomycetales"

*Suborder "Actinomycineae"
**Family "Actinomycetaceae"
**Family "Actinomycetaceae"

*Suborder "Corynebacterineae"
**Family "Corynebacteriaceae"
**Family "Gordoniaceae"
**Family "Mycobacteriaceae"
**Family "Nocardiaceae"
**Family "Tsukamurellaceae"
**Family "Williamsiaceae"

*Suborder "Frankineae"
**Family "Acidothermaceae"
**Family "Frankiaceae"
**Family "Geodermatophilaceae"
**Family "Kineosporiaceae"
**Family "Microsphaeraceae"
**Family "Sporichthyaceae"

*Suborder "Glycomycineae"
**Family "Glycomycetaceae"

*Suborder "Micrococcineae"
**Family "Beutenbergiaceae"
**Family "Bogoriellaceae"
**Family "Brevibacteriaceae"
**Family "Cellulomonadaceae"
**Family "Dermabacteraceae"
**Family "Dermatophilaceae"
**Family "Dermacoccaceae"
**Family "Intrasporangiaceae"
**Family "Jonesiaceae"
**Family "Microbacteriaceae"
**Family "Micrococcaceae"
**Family "Promicromonosporaceae"
**Family "Rarobacteraceae"
**Family "Sanguibacteraceae"

*Suborder "Micromonosporineae"
**Family "Micromonosporaceae"

*Suborder "Propionibacterineae"
**Family "Nocardioidaceae"
***Genus "Kribella"
**Family "Propionibacteriaceae"

*Suborder "Pseudonocardineae"
**Family "Actinosynnemataceae"
**Family "Pseudonocardiaceae"

*Suborder "Streptomycineae"
**Family "Streptomycetaceae"

*Suborder "Streptosporangineae"
**Family "Nocardiopsaceae"
**Family "Streptosporangiaceae"
**Family "Thermomonosporaceae"

Order "Bifidobacteriales"

*Family "Bifidobacteriaceae"

= Subclass "Coriobacteridae" =

Order "Coriobacteriales"

*Family "Coriobacteriaceae"
**Genus "Atopobium"
**Genus "Collinsella"
**Genus "Coriobacterium"
**Genus "Cryptobacterium"
**Genus "Denitrobacterium"
**Genus "Eggerthella"
**Genus "Slackia"

Subclass "Rubrobacteridae"

Order "Rubrobacterales"

*Family "Rubrobacteraceae"
** Genus "Rubrobacter"

Subclass "Sphaerobacteridae"

Order "Sphaerobacterales"

*Family "Sphaerobacteraceae"
** Genus "Sphaerobacter"

Phylum "Aquificae"

Class "Aquificae"

Order "Aquificales"

*Family "Aquificaceae"
**Genus "Aquifex"
**Genus "Hydrogenivirga"
**Genus "Hydrogenobacter"
**Genus "Hydrogenobaculum"
**Genus "Thermocrinis"
*Family "Hydrogenothermaceae"
**Genus "Hydrogenothermus"
**Genus "Persephonella"
**Genus "Sulfurihydrogenibium"
**Genus "Venenivibrio"

Phylum "Bacteroidetes"

= Class "Bacteroidetes"=

Order "Bacteroidales"

*Family "Bacteroidaceae"
**Genus "Bacteroides"
**Genus "Acetofilamentum"
**Genus "Acetomicrobium"
**Genus "Acetothermus"
**Genus "Anaerorhabdus"
**Genus "Megamonas"

*Family "Rikenellaceae"
**Genus "Rikenella"
**Genus "Marinilabilia"

*Family "Porphyromonadaceae"
**Genus "Porphyromonas"
**Genus "Dysgonomonas"

*Family "Prevotellaceae"
**Genus "Prevotella"

Class "Flavobacteriaceae"

Order "Flavobacteriales"

*Family "Flavobacteriaceae"
*Family "Myroidaceae"
*Family "Blattabacteriaceae"

Class "Flexibacteraceae"

Class "Rhodothermus"

= Class "Sphingobacterium"=

Order Sphingobacteriales"

*Family "Sphingobacteriaceae"
*Family "Saprospiraceae"
*Family "Flexibacteraceae"
*Family "Flammeovirgaceae"
*Family "Crenotrichaceae"

Phylum "Chlamydiae"

Class "Chlamydiae"

Order "Chlamydiales"

*Family "Chlamydiaceae"
**Genus "Chlamydia"
**Genus "Chlamydophila"

*Family "Parachlamydiaceae"
**"Parachlamydia acanthamoebae"
**"Candidatus Protochlamydia amoebophila UWE25"
**"Neochlamydia hartmannellae" (endocytobiont of Hartmannella sp. A1Hsp)

*Family "Rhabdochlamydiaceae"
**"Rhabdochlamydia porcellionis"
**"Rhabdochlamydia crassificans"

*Family "Simkaniaceae"
**Genus "Simkania"
**Genus "Fritschea"

*Family "Waddliaceae"
**"Waddlia chondrophila"

Phylum "Chlorobi"

Class "Chlorobia"

Order "Chlorobiales"

*Family "Chlorobiaceae"
**Genus "Chlorobium"
**Genus "Ancalochloris"
**Genus "Chloroherpeton"
**Genus "Clathrochloris"
**Genus "Pelodictyon"
**Genus "Prostheochloris"

=Phylum "Chloroflexi="These Philum is formerly known as green non-sulfur bacteria

Class "Chloroflexi"

Phylum "Chrysiogenetes"

Order "Chrysiogenales"

*Family "Chrysiogenaceae"
**Genus "Chrysiogenes"
***Species: "Chrysiogenes arsenatis"

Phylum Cyanobacteria

Phylum "Deferribacteres"

Class "Deferribacteres"

Order "Deferribacterales"

*Family "Deferribacteraceae"
**Genus "Deferribacter"
**Genus "Denitrovibrio"
**Genus "Flexistipes"
**Genus "Geovibrio"

Phylum "Deinococcus-Thermus"

Class "Deinococci"

Order "Deinococcales"

*Genus "Deinococcus"

Order "Thermales"

*Genus "Thermus"
*Genus "Meiothermus"
*Genus "Marinithermus"
*Genus "Oceanithermus"
*Genus "Vulcanithermus"

Phylum "Dictyoglomi"

Class "Dictyoglomi"

Order "Dictyoglomales"

*Family "Dictyoglomaceae"
**Genus "Dictyoglomus"
***Species: "Dictyoglomus thermophilum"

Phylum "Fibrobacteres"

*Genus "Fibrobacter"

Phylum Firmicutes

Class "Bacilli"

Order "Bacillales"

*Family "Alicyclobacillaceae"
*Family "Bacillaceae"
*Family "Caryophanaceae"
*Family "Listeriaceae"
*Family "Paenibacillaceae"
*Family "Planococcaceae"
*Family "Sporolactobacillaceae"
*Family "Staphylococcaceae"
*Family "Thermoactinomycetaceae"
*Family "Turicibacteraceae"

Order "Lactobacillales"

*Family "Aerococcaceae"
*Family "Carnobacteriaceae"
*Family "Enterococcaceae"
*Family "Lactobacillaceae"
*Family "Leuconostocaceae"
*Family "Streptococcaceae"

Class "Clostridia"

Order "Clostridiales"

*Family "Acidaminococcaceae"
*Family "Clostridiaceae"
*Family "Eubacteriaceae"
*Family "Heliobacteriaceae"
*Family "Lachnospiraceae"
*Family "Peptococcaceae"
*Family "Peptostreptococcaceae"
*Family "Syntrophomonadaceae"

Order "Halanaerobiales"

*Family "Halanaerobiaceae"
*Family "Halobacteroidaceae"

Order "Thermoanaerobacteriales"

*Family "Thermoanaerobacteriaceae"
*Family "Thermodesulfobiaceae"

Class "Mollicutes"

Order "Mycoplasmatales"

*Family "Mycoplasmataceae"
**Genus "Hepatoplasma" (Candidatus)
**Genus "Mycoplasma"
**Genus "Ureaplasma"

Order "Entomoplasmatales"

*Family "Entomoplasmataceae"
**Genus "Entomoplasma"
**Genus "Mesoplasma"

*Family "Spiroplasmataceae"
**Genus "Spiroplasma"

Order "Anaeroplasmatales"

*Family "Anaeroplasmataceae"
**Genus "Anaeroplasma"
**Genus "Asteroleplasma"
*Family "Erysipelotrichaceae"
**Genus "Erysipelothrix"
**Genus "Holdemania"

Order "Acholeplasmatales"

*Family "Acholeplasmataceae"
**Genus "Acholeplasma"
**Genus "Phytoplasma" (Candidatus)

Phylum Fusobacteria

*Family "Fusobacteriaceae"
**Genus "Fusobacterium"
***Species:"F. necrophorum", "F. nucleatum", "F. polymorphum", "F. novum".

Phylum "Gemmatimonadetes"

*Genus "Gemmatimonas"
**Species: "Gemmatimonas aurantiaca"

Phylum "Nitrospirae"

*Genus "Nitrospira"
**Species:"Nitrospira moscoviensis"

Phylum Planctomycetes

Class "Planctomycetia"

Order "Planctomycetales"

*Family "Planctomycetacea"
**Genus "Gemmata"
**Genus "Isosphera"
**Genus "Pirellula"
**Genus "Planctomyces"
**Genus "Brocadia" (candidatus)
**Genus "Kuenenia" (candidatus)
**Genus "Scalindua" (candidatus)
**Genus "Anammoxoglobus" (candidatus)
**Genus "Jettenia" (candidatus)

Phylum Proteobacteria

Class "Alpha Proteobacteria"

Order "Caulobacterales"

*Family "Caulobacteraceae"
**Genus "Asticcacaulis"
**Genus "Brevundimonas"
**Genus "Caulobacter"
**Genus "Phenylobacterium"

Order "Kordiimonadales"

*Family "Kordiimonadaceae"
**Genus "Kordiimonas"
***Species: "Kordiimonas gwangyangensis"

Order "Parvularculales"

*Family "Parvularculaceae"
**Genus "Parvularcula"
***Species:"Parvularcula bermudensis"

Order "Rhizobiales"

*Family "Aurantimonadaceae"
**Genus: "Aurantimonas"
***Species: "Aurantimonas coralicida",
**Genus: "Fulvimarina"
***Species: "Fulvimarina pelagi"
*Family "Bartonellaceae"
**Genus: "Bartonella"

*Family "Beijerinckiaceae"
**Genus "Beijerinckia"
**Genus "Chelatococcus"
**Genus "Derxia"
**Genus "Methylocella"

*Family "Bradyrhizobiaceae"
**Genus "Afipia"
**Genus "Agromonas"
**Genus "Blastobacter"
**Genus "Bosea"
**Genus "Bradyrhizobium"
**Genus "Nitrobacter"
**Genus "Oligotropha"
**Genus "Photorhizobium"
**Genus "Rhodoblastus"
**Genus "Rhodopseudomonas"

*Family "Brucellaceae"
**Genus "Brucella"
**Genus "Mycoplana"
**Genus "Ochrobactrum"

*Family "Hyphomicrobiaceae"
**Genus "Ancalomicrobium"
**Genus "Ancylobacter"
**Genus "Angulomicrobium"
**Genus "Aquabacter"
**Genus "Azorhizobium"
**Genus "Blastochloris"
**Genus "Devosia"
**Genus "Dichotomicrobium"
**Genus "Filomicrobium"
**Genus "Gemmiger"
**Genus "Hyphomicrobium"
**Genus "Labrys"
**Genus "Methylorhabdus"
**Genus "Pedomicrobium"
**Genus "Prosthecomicrobium"
**Genus "Rhodomicrobium"
**Genus "Rhodoplanes"
**Genus "Seliberia"
**Genus "Starkeya"
**Genus "Xanthobacter"

*Family "Methylobacteriaceae"
**Genus "Methylobacterium"
**Genus "Microvirga"
**Genus "Protomonas"
**Genus "Roseomonas"

*Family "Methylocystaceae"
**Genus "Methylocystis"
**Genus "Methylosinus"
**Genus "Methylopila"

*Family "Phyllobacteriaceae"
**Genus "Aminobacter"
**Genus "Aquamicrobium"
**Genus "Defluvibacter"
**Genus "Hoeflea"
**Genus "Mesorhizobium"
**Genus "Nitratireductor"
**Genus "Parvibaculum"
**Genus "Phyllobacterium"
**Genus "Pseudaminobacter"

*Family "Rhizobiaceae"
**Genus "Agrobacterium"
**Genus "Rhizobium" / "Sinorhizobium"(synonymous)
**Genus "Liberibacter" (candidatus)

*Family "Rhodobiaceae"
**Genus "Rhodobium"
***Species: "Rhodobium orientis", "Rhodobium marina"

Order "Rhodobacterales"

*Family "Rhodobacteraceae"
**Genus "Ahrensia"
**Genus "Albidovulum"
**Genus "Amaricoccus"
**Genus "Antarctobacter"
**Genus "Catellibacterium"
**Genus "Citreicella"
**Genus "Dinoroseobacter"
**Genus "Haematobacter"
**Genus "Jannaschia"
**Genus "Ketogulonicigenium"
**Genus "Leisingera"
**Genus "Loktanella"
**Genus "Maribius"
**Genus "Marinosulfonomonas"
**Genus "Marinovum"
**Genus "Maritimibacter"
**Genus "Methylarcula"
**Genus "Nereida"
**Genus "Oceanibulbus"
**Genus "Oceanicola"
**Genus "Octadecabacter"
**Genus "Palleronia"
**Genus "Pannonibacter"
**Genus "Paracoccus"
**Genus "Phaeobacter"
**Genus "Pseudorhodobacter"
**Genus "Pseudovibrio"
**Genus "Rhodobaca"
**Genus "Rhodobacter"
**Genus "Rhodothalassium"
**Genus "Rhodovulum"
**Genus "Roseibacterium"
**Genus "Roseibium"
**Genus "Roseicyclus"
**Genus "Roseinatronobacter"
**Genus "Roseisalinus"
**Genus "Roseivivax"
**Genus "Roseobacter"
**Genus "Roseovarius"
**Genus "Rubrimonas"
**Genus "Ruegeria"
**Genus "Sagittula"
**Genus "Salipiger"
**Genus "Silicibacter"
**Genus "Staleya"
**Genus "Stappia"
**Genus "Sulfitobacter"
**Genus "Tetracoccus"
**Genus "Thalassobacter"
**Genus "Thalassobius"
**Genus "Thioclava"
**Genus "Yangia"

Order "Rhodospirillales"

*Family "Rhodospirillaceae"
**Genus "Azospirillum"
**Genus "Dechlorospirillum"
**Genus "Defluvicoccus"
**Genus "Inquilinus"
**Genus "Magnetospirillum"
**Genus "Phaeospirillum"
**Genus "Rhodocista"
**Genus "Rhodospira"
**Genus "Rhodospirillum"
**Genus "Rhodovibrio"
**Genus "Roseospira"
**Genus "Skermanella"
**Genus "Thalassospira"
**Genus "Tistrella"

*Family "Rhodospirillaceae"
**Genus "Acetobacter"
**Genus "Acidicaldus"
**Genus "Acidiphilium"
**Genus "Acidisphaera"
**Genus "Acidocella"
**Genus "Acidomonas"
**Genus "Asaia"
**Genus "Belnapia"
**Genus "Craurococcus"
**Genus "Gluconacetobacter"
**Genus "Gluconobacter"
**Genus "Kozakia"
**Genus "Leahibacter"
**Genus "Muricoccus"
**Genus "Neoasaia"
**Genus "Oleomonas"
**Genus "Paracraurococcus"
**Genus "Rhodopila"
**Genus "Roseococcus"
**Genus "Rubritepida"
**Genus "Saccharibacter"
**Genus "Stella"
**Genus "Swaminathania"
**Genus "Teichococcus"
**Genus "Zavarzinia"

Order "Rickettsiales"

*Family "Rickettsiaceae"
**Genus "Rickettsia"
**Genus "Orientia"
**Genus "Wolbachia"

*Family "Ehrlichiaceae"
**Genus "Aegyptianella"
**Genus "Anaplasma"
**Genus "Cowdria"
**Genus "Ehrlichia"
**Genus "Neorickettsia"

*Family "Holosporaceae"
**Genus "Caedibacter"
**Genus "Holospora"
**Genus "Lyticum"
**Genus "Odyssella"
**Genus "Polynucleobacter"
**Genus "Symbiotes"
**Genus "Tectibacter"

Order "Sphingomonadales"

*Family "Sphingomonadaceae"
**Genus "Blastomonas"
**Genus "Citromicrobium"
**Genus "Erythrobacter"
**Genus "Erythromicrobium"
**Genus "Kaistobacter"
**Genus "Lutibacterium"
**Genus "Novosphingobium"
**Genus "Porphyrobacter"
**Genus "Sandaracinobacter"
**Genus "Sphingobium"
**Genus "Sphingomonas"
**Genus "Sphingopyxis"
**Genus "Zymomonas"

Class "Beta Proteobacteria"

Order "Burkholderiales"

*Family "Alcaligenaceae"
**Genus "Achromobacter"
**Genus "Alcaligenes"
**Genus "Bordetella"
**Genus "Pelistega"
**Genus "Sutterella"
**Genus "Taylorella"

*Family "Burkholderiaceae"
**Genus "Burkholderia"
**Genus "Chitinimonas"
**Genus "Cupriavidus"
**Genus "Lautropia"
**Genus "Limnobacter"
**Genus "Pandoraea"
**Genus "Paucimonas"
**Genus "Polynucleobacter"
**Genus "Ralstonia"
**Genus "Thermothrix"

*Family "Comamonadaceae"
**Genus "Acidovorax"
**Genus "Aquabacterium"
**Genus "Brachymonas"
**Genus "Comamonas"
**Genus "Curvibacter"
**Genus "Delftia"
**Genus "Hydrogenophaga"
**Genus "Ideonella"
**Genus "Leptothrix"
**Genus "Pelomonas"
**Genus "Polaromonas"
**Genus "Rhodoferax"
**Genus "Roseateles"
**Genus "Sphaerotilus"
**Genus "Tepidimonas"
**Genus "Thiomonas"
**Genus "Variovorax"

*Family "Oxalobacteraceae"
**Genus "Collimonas"
**Genus "Duganella"
**Genus "Herbaspirillum"
**Genus "Herminiimonas"
**Genus "Janthinospirillum"
**Genus "Massilia"
**Genus "Naxibacter"
**Genus "Oxalobacter"
**Genus "Oxalicibacterium"
**Genus "Telluria"

Order "Hydrogenophilales"

Order "Methylophilales"

Order "Neisseriales"

Order "Nitrosomonadales"

Order "Rhodocyclales"

Order "Procabacteriales"

Class "Gamma Proteobacteria"

Order "Acidithiobacillales"

Order "Aeromonadales"

Order "Alteromonadales"

Order "Cardiobacteriales"

Order "Chromatiales"

Order "Enterobacteriales"

Order "Legionellales"

Order "Methylococcales"

Order "Oceanospirillales"

Order "Pasteurellales"

Order "Pseudomonadales"

Order "Thiotrichales"

Order "Vibrionales"

Order "Xanthomonadales"

Class "Delta Proteobacteria"

Order "Bdellovibrionales"

Order "Desulfobacterales"

Order "Desulfovibrionales"

Order "Desulfurellales"

Order "Desulfarcales"

Order "Desulfuromonadales"

Order "Myxococcales"

Order "Syntrophobacterales"

Class "Epsilon Proteobacteria"

Order "Campylobacterales"

Order "Nautiliales"

Phylum "Spirochaetes"

Class "Spirochetes"

Order "Spirochaetales"

*Family "Spirochetaceae"
**Genus "Borrelia"
**Genus "Brevinema"
**Genus "Cristispira"
**Genus "Spirochaeta"
**Genus "Spironema"
**Genus "Treponema"

*Family "Serpulinaceae"
**Genus "Brachyspira" (Serpulina)

*Family "Leptospiraceae"
**Genus "Leptospira"
**Genus "Leptonema"

Phylum "Thermodesulfobacteria"

*Family "Thermodesulfobacteriaceae"
**Genus "Thermodesulfobacterium"

Phylum "Thermomicrobia"

Thermomicrobia phylum is a phenotype of the green non-sulfur bacteria. It is, as its name suggests, thermophilic. Some scientists suggest that the thermomicrobia phylum is not a true bacteriological phylum, but a sub-division of the green non-sulfur division along with the current chloroflexi phylum. [cite journal | author = Hugenholtz P, Stackebrandt E | title = Reclassification of Sphaerobacter thermophilus from the subclass Sphaerobacteridae in the phylum Actinobacteria to the class Thermomicrobia (emended description) in the phylum Chloroflexi (emended description). | journal = Int J Syst Evol Microbiol | volume = 54 | issue = Pt 6 | pages = 2049–51 | year = 2004 | pmid = 15545432 | doi = 10.1099/ijs.0.03028-0]

Phylum "Thermotogae"

Class "Thermotogae"

Order "Thermotogales"

Family "Thermotogaceae"

*Genus "Thermotoga"

Phylum "Verrucomicrobia"

Order "Verrucomicrobiales"

*Family "Verrucomicrobiaceae"
**Genus "Verrucomicrobium"
**Genus "Prosthecobacter"
**Genus "Akkermansia"


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