Furnivall Sculling Club

Furnivall Sculling Club

Furnivall Sculling Club is a rowing club based on the Tideway in Hammersmith, London. It was founded as Hammersmith Sculling Club in 1896 by Dr Frederick James Furnivall. Originally a club for women only, it opened its doors to men in 1901. The club colours are myrtle and old gold.


The club was founded by and is named after Dr Frederick Furnivall (when he was 71, in April 1896). It was at the time called the Hammersmith Sculling Club for Girls. Given his passionate opposition to discrimination, he wanted to break into the man's world of river sport, by building a club for women. To this day Furnivall SC has a very strong women's squad. In 1901, men were admitted to full membership, and the name was changed to Furnivall Sculling Club for Girls and Men. However, at least until after the 2nd World War the captaincy was restricted to female members in honour of the original purpose of Dr Furnivall in founding the Club. Following his death in 1910, the Club honoured his memory by celebrating 'The Doctor's Birthday' for many years. The Club has gone through high and low points over the 110 years of its existence, but its long term stability and the maintenance of Dr Furnivall's vision for women's sculling remain constant.

Past Captains and Presidents of FSC (Foundation-Second World War)

1896-98 President Dr F FurnivallCaptain Polly Cloud

1898-99 President Dr F FurnivallCaptain Ada Guintini

1899-1901 President Dr F FurnivallCaptain Amy Porter

1901-02 President Dr F FurnivallCaptain Nancy Appleby

1902-03 President Dr F FurnivallCaptain Amy Porter

1903-04 President Dr F FurnivallCaptain Julia Sutto

1904-05 President Dr F FurnivallCaptain Emmie Sewell

1905-06 President Dr F FurnivallCaptain Lizzie Skinner

1906-08 President Dr F FurnivallCaptain Nellie Moulden

1908-09 President Dr F FurnivallCaptain Cissie Clements

1909-10 President Dr F FurnivallCaptain Alice Dewar

1910-12 President "unknown"Captain Mabel Symonds

1912-13 President Beatrice HarradenCaptain Cissie Clements

1913-14 President Beatrice HarradenCaptain Annie Prettle

1914-15 President J Dickson BrownCaptain Mabel Symonds

1915-16 President J Dickson BrownCaptain Lizzie Meakins

1916-17 President L A MagnusCaptain Nellie Johnston

1917-18 President L A MagnusCaptain Norah Root

1918 President L A MagnusCaptain Betty Billson

1918-19 President L A MagnusCaptain Norah Root

1919-20 President L A MagnusCaptain Hilda Biesiegel

1920-21 President unknownCaptain Hilda Biesiegel

1921-22 President J Dickson BrownCaptain Maggie Hadley

1922-24 President J Dickson BrownCaptain Mabel Hart

1924-25 President H S WebbCaptain Miss F. Sadler

1925-26 President H S WebbCaptain Louise Upton

1926 President H S WebbCaptain Miss B. Palin

1926-27 President H S WebbCaptain Nora Collins

1927-28 President H S WebbCaptain Violet Wadkin

1928 President H S WebbCaptain Claire Matthews

1928-32 President H S WebbCaptain Ethel Vokes

1932-24 President H S WebbCaptain Enid Chamberlen

1934-36 President H S WebbCaptain Joan Skinner

1936-37 President H S WebbCaptain Miss B Wymer

1937-40 President H S WebbCaptain Barbara Ball

Presidents of the Club (1945-2007)

1925-67 H S Webb

1967-68 W A Goff

1969-71 T Simmons

1971-73 A Simpson

1973-74 F Sell

1974-78 A Simpson

1978-80 P Messias

1980-85 J Robbins

1985-90 B Moore

1990-2005 K Howland

2005- M Somers

Furnivall Today

Furnivall currently has over 100 members, of whom some 80 are full, active members (in addition to some social and life members). The current Club Captain is Henry Blythe; the current club President is Mark Somers. In 2007-8 it is undergoing a major refurbishment of the club facilities. The very successful Women's Squad is coached by Andy Holmes, former Olympic gold medallist.

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Furnivall official website, [http://www.furnivall.org/]
* [http://www.thepontoon.org.uk/fsc/index.htm Furnivall Sculling Club official site]

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