Frederick James Camm

Frederick James Camm

Frederick James Camm (6 October1895-18 February 1959) was an English technical author and magazine editor. He founded several radio and electronics titles, some of which are still in circulation.

'FJ' Camm was born in Windsor, England, the second child of twelve. The eldest, Sydney Camm, was a famous aircraft designer.

He shared with Sydney an early interest in building model aeroplanes and this led him to move to London in 1918. Here, he became a technical editor for Benn Brothers in aviation and engineering. From there he worked for Pitmans Publishers and moved eventually, with his friend Molloy, to George Newnes. It was there that he was to produce the "Hobbies" journals.

In 1932, his supplement to "Practical Wireless" was launched as an independent title with 'FJ' as editor. Thus began a highly productive period: he went on to write or edit over a hundred technical books in such fields as radio; television; aviation and automotive engineering.

He is best known, however, for his creation and stewardship of the "Practical" series of magazines for George Newnes. These were often known as "Camm's Comics":
* "Practical Engineering" - published weekly from 27th January 1940 (see [ of Vol. 1 Number 1 Editorial (approx. 156Kb)] )
* "Practical Home Money Maker"
* "Practical Household"
* "Practical Mechanical Engineering"
* "Practical Motorist"
* "Practical Television"
* "Practical Wireless" - still in publication

Camm died of bronchial pneumonia at his home in Windsor and is buried in the family grave at Twickenham Cemetery.

"Practical Television" was shortened to simply "Television" and, after changes of ownership, was finally withdrawn from publication in December 2006.


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