List of oil pipelines

List of oil pipelines

This is a list of oil pipelines.


* Chad-Cameroon pipeline
* Petronet
* Sumed pipeline
* Tazama Pipeline


* Afghanistan Oil Pipeline (planned)
* Alashankou-Dushanzi Crude Oil Pipeline
* Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline
* Caspian Pipeline Consortium
* Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean oil pipeline (planned)
* Kabrai-Dhanbad Cutter Pipeline
* Kazakhstan-China oil pipeline
* Kirkuk-Banias pipeline
* Kirkuk-Ceyhan Oil Pipeline
* Mumbai-Manmad Pipeline
* Samsun-Ceyhan Pipeline
* Sino-Burma Oil Pipeline
* South-North Pipeline Korea
* Trans-Arabian Pipeline, a.k.a. Tapline (defunct)
* Trans-Israel pipeline
* Trans Korea Pipeline
* Trans-Caspian Oil Pipeline - planned


* AMBO pipeline
* Baltic Pipeline System
* Brent System
* Burgas-Alexandroupoli pipeline
* CLH Pipelines - Spain
* Druzhba pipeline
* Forties pipeline system
* Grozny-Tuapse pipeline
* Ninian pipeline
* Odessa-Brody pipeline
* Pan-European Pipeline

North America

* Big Inch
* Calnev Pipeline
* Colonial Pipeline
* Keystone Pipeline (proposed)
* Lakehead Pipeline
* Minnesota Pipeline
* North Dakota System
* Portland-Montreal Pipe Line
* Trans-Alaska Pipeline System
* Yellowstone Pipeline

outh America

* Activo de Burgos - Pipeline Network - Mexico
* Burgos-Monterrey Pipeline - Mexico
* Cadereyta Pipeline - Mexico
* ECOPETROL Pipelines - Colombia
* OCP Pipeline - Ecuador
* OIL TANKING Pipeline - Argentina
* PDVSA Pipelines - Venezuela
* PEMEX Pipelines - Mexico
* PETROANDINA Pipeline - Argentina (Under Construction)
* Recope Pipelines - Costa Rica
* San Fernando Pipeline - Mexico
* SOTE Pipeline - Ecuador
* Tamazunchale Pipeline - Mexico
* TGN Pipeline Network - Argentina
* TGI Pipeline Network - Colombia
* TGS Pipeline Network - Argentina
* Trans-Isthmian Pipeline - Panama
* Transpetro Pipelines - Brazil

ee also

* List of natural gas pipelines
* Pipeline transport

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