Blue Cow (cartoon)

Blue Cow (cartoon)

The Story Makers".] Blue Cow is a cartoon cow created by Blue-Zoo. She appears on the BBC children's television series The Story Makers. The show is primarily shown on the CBeebies channel but has been shown previously on BBC Two.

Blue cow wonders what goes on in the outside world beyond her field. In each episode she wonders about something different. The other (black and white) cows in the field don't appear to have the same inquiring mind as blue cow as whenever she starts wondering they say, "she's off again." Blue cow then boards a red double decker bus which takes her to an appropriate destination where she will find out the answer to what she was wondering about.

When she returns to her field at the end of the episode she tells the other cows in the field what she has done during the day. The other cows invariably don't believe her and say, "Everybody knows cows can't ..." followed by a description of precisely what blue cow has just done e.g. "everybody knows cows can't go on a picnic."

Blue Cow Episodes

The title of the blue cow episode is given in bold. The title of the Story Makers episode in which it is shown is given in brackets. Titles for the next upcoming episode are given on the cBeebies website [cite web|url=|title=The story makers page on the BBC website] and also for the next week's episodes in the orange tv guide [cite web|url=|title=tv guide for cBeebies at] . Previously aired episodes since May 2007 are documented on the BBc website [cite web|url=|title=Previously aired episodes of The Story Makers]

note: this list is in progress and will be updated as episodes are shown on cBeebies.


*Blue cow and the artist (Faces)
*Blue cow and the aliens (Shiny)
*Blue cow goes to Australia (Travel)
*Blue cow and the angriest man in the world (Purple)
*Blue cow at the amusement park (special occasions)
*Blue cow and the ants ()


*Blue cow and the blue whale (Lucky Dip)
*Blue cow at the beach (Swimming)
*Blue cow the bridesmaid (Rhymes)
*Blue cow and the board game (Squares)
*Blue cow and the bear with the sore head (Grumpy)
*Bubbly blue cow (Whizz, pop, bang!)
*Blue cow and the boat (Floating and Sinking)
*Blue cow goes to the beauty parlour (Black and White)
*Blue cow's bubble bath (bubbles)
*Blue cow and the beanstalk (berries and beans)
*Blue cow and the blobs ()
*Blue cow and the biscuit tin ()
*Blue cow goes boating ()
*Blue cow and a boy called Tish ()
*Blue cow and blue sheep ()
*Blue cow's big cheese ()
*Blue cow and the beaver ()
*Blue cow and the builders ()
*Blue cow and the boxes ()
*Blue cow and the broken things (broken)


*Blue cow meets a clown (Happy and Sad)
*Blue cow goes camping (Homes)
*Blue cow and the cow bell (Sticks and Stones)
*Cuddly blue cow (Lost)
*Blue cow and the caveman (Circles)
*Blue cow goes to a concert (Rectangles)
*Blue cow and the car crusher (Crunch!)
*Blue cow bakes a cake (Making Cakes)
*Blue cow goes to the circus (Animals)
*Blue cow gets chickenpox (Unwell)
*Blue cow and the cheeky monkey (fibs)
*Blue cow in the china shop (bits and pieces)
*Blue cow at the carnival ()
*Blue cow and the crocodile ()
*Blue cow and the cowboy ()
*Blue cow and the comfiest bed in the world ()
*Blue cow on a cloud ()
*Blue cow and the castle ()


*Blue cow on a desert island (Going on Holiday)
*Blue cow and the dragon (Dragons)
*Blue cow goes to the dentist (Being Frightened)
*Blue cow in the desert (Hot Stuff)
*Blue cow and the dinosaur (Party Time, dinosaur)
*Blue cow and the drum kit (Hit It!)
*Dizzy blue cow (Twirls, Swirls and Curls)
*Blue cow and the detective ()
*Blue cow learns to dance ()
*Blue cow and the decorator ()


*Blue cow and the exercise class (Wriggle and Giggles)
*Blue cow and the excited elephants (Excited)
*Blue cow and the echo (copycats)


*Blue cow and the fairies (Fairies)
*Blue cow at the fruit farm (Oranges and Lemons)
*Blue cow and the fancy dress parade (Jealousy)
*Blue cow and the flea (small)
*Blue cow and the fancy pie (Honesty)
*Blue cow flies to Mars (Stars)
*Blue cow goes to the fair (best day ever, rhythm)
*Blue cow goes flying (flying)
*Film star blue cow ()
*Blue cow goes to the football ()
*Blue cow makes a friend ()


*Bue cow learns to play golf (Triangles)
*Blue cow and the glitterball disco (Sparkles and Glitter)
*Blue cow and the giant (Monsters)
*Blue cow and the great wall of China (Holidays)
*Blue cow at the garden centre (Gardens)
*Blue cow and the giant marrow (seasons)


*Hey Diddle Diddle (Cats and Dogs)
*Blue cow and the hot air balloon (Getting Around)
*Blue cow meets a hamster (Paper)
*Blue cow and the hockey team (The Number Five)
*Blue cow goes to Hawaii (Jewels)
*Blue cow goes on holiday (Rockpools)
*Blue cow and the handkerchief (out of sorts)
*Blue cow goes to hospital (bones, doctors)
*Blue cow meets humpty dumpty (can we fix it?)
*Blue cow and the hot air balloon ()
*Blue cow and the hatchling ()
*Blue cow on the high wire ()


*Blue cow at the ice rink (Snow Business)
*Blue cow goes to India (Festivals)
*Blue cow and the identical twin (The Number Two)


*Blue cow in the jungle (exotic animals)
*Juggling blue cow ()


*Blue cow and the kite ()


*Blue cow meets a leprechaun (Rainbows)
*Blue cow and the lollipop lady (Jobs, journey)
*Blue cow and the lighthouse ()
*Blue cow gets a letter ()


*Blue cow goes to the moon (Lend a Hand)
*Blue cow and the mannequin (Inside Out)
*Blue cow and Mount Everest (Exploring)
*Blue cow's mysterious adventure (Dens and Tunnels)
*Blue cow and the magic key (Kisses and Hugs)
*Blue cow and the magic carpet (Snakes Alive)
*Blue cow's moosical day (Singing)
*Blue cow and the magic wand (Fun and Games)
*Blue cow and the milky way (Stars)
*Blue cow and the marbles (balls)
*Blue cow becomes a model ()
*Blue cow and the missing half ()
*Magical blue cow ()
*Blue cow and the moonflowers ()
*Blue cow and the magic lamp ()
*Blue cow becomes a mummy ()


*Blue cow goes to the North Pole (Hot and Cold)
*Blue cow's new friend (best friends)
*Blue cow and the nursery rhyme ()
*Blue cow and the nest ()
*Blue cow goes to nursery (going to school)


*Blue cow and the oldest man in the world (Grandparents)
*Blue cow at the olympics (exercise)


*Blue cow in the playground (Park)
*Blue cow and the peacock (Eye spy)
*Blue cow and the pet shop (Pets)
*Blue cow and the pyramids (shapes)
*Blue cow the pop star (names)
*Blue cow makes a pot ()
*Blue cow goes to a pantomime ()


*Blue cow and the queen (Tea Time)


*Blue cow and the roundabout horse (Responsibility, farm)
*Blue cow and the rainbow (Pink)
*Blue cow goes to a restaurant (Vegetables)
*Blue cow and the race (The Number One)
*Blue cow and the racing car (telephone)
*Blue cow and the robot ()
*Blue cow and the racehorse ()
*Blue cow to the rescue ()
*Blue cow and the rubbish ()
*Blue cow and the rally (scary)

*Blue cow and the spaghetti (Helping)
*Blue cow and the surprising fish (Surprise)
*Blue cow and the skunk (Pong!)
*Blue cow and the snowman (Frosty Day)
*Blue cow and the smelly shoes (Hands and Feet)
*Snap happy blue cow (Photographs)
*Blue cow in the springtime (Birds and Flying)
*Blue cow takes to the sky (Orange)
*Blue cow and the spider (creepy crawlies)
*Blue cow and the shadow (the unknown)
*Blue cow goes skiing (what's it made of?)
*Blue cow goes swimming ()
*Sticky blue cow ()
*Blue cow learns to sing ()
*Blue cow and the snail ()
*Blue cow in space ()
*Blue cow meets superchicken ()
*Blue cow and the sun ()
*Blue cow and the squirrels ()


*Blue cow goes topsy turvy (Topsy Turvy)
*Tap dancing blue cow (Shoe Time)
*Blue cow and the troublesome twins (Taking Turns)
*Blue cow and the treasure (Treasure)
*TV star blue cow (Guess What?)
*Blue cow and the triplets (The Number Three)
*Blue cow goes to a tennis match (The Number Four)
*Blue cow and the time machine (Alarm Bells)
*Blue cow and the trifle tower (Decorating)
*Blue cow on time ()
*Blue cow and the three chairs ()
*Blue cow and the tower ()
*Blue cow and the trampoline ()
*Blue cow and the tug of war (push me, pull me)
*Blue cow and the treasure hunt (hills and mountains)


*Blue cow and the underground train (Underwater)
*Blue cow and the unicorn (Colours)
*Blue cow under the sea (Water)
*Blue cow underground (holes)
*Blue cow and the umbrella ()
*Blue cow underwater (water)


*Blue cow at the village fete (Dancing)
*Blue cow visits her auntie ()
*Blue cow and the valentine ()


*Blue cow learns how to wiggle (Worms)
*Blue cow and the windmill (Growing)
*Blue cow scores at wembley ()



*Yodelling blue cow (Lost Voice)
*Blue cow and the yeti (Hair Today)
*Blue cow and the yellow paint (fruit)



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