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"BoomBang" is an online virtual world for kids (8-18 years) developed in Spain by the multimedia division of Run Design. [cite web
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] Upon launching, the site on April 7 2004, [Citation
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title = Una identitat virtual per fer xat
newspaper = Avui Diumenge
pages = 56
year = 2004
date = 08-01-2004
url =
] the team involved in this development founded BoomBang Games.

BoomBang has over 2 million registered players. The game is a visual chat application similar to Habbo Hotel or Club Penguin, free to play with some exclusive content activated with credits purchased with real money.

The Avatars

Upon registration players must choose an avatar from 9 available options. Each character has its own personality, and they are very different one from the other; the drawback is you can only customise colors.

Players can express their mood and feelings visually via their avatars: crying, laughing, farting, etc. and its one of the features that has made the game successful.

You can also interact with other people by offering a flower, sharing a drink, throwing a coconut or using the punching glove.


BoomBang has different areas or public spaces players can enter to chat in: the beach, jungle, orchard, baobab tree, north pole and an underwater scenario amongst others. Recently the newest areas have been Tarantula and the Skatepark. Each scenario has some special creature or fun element that draws the player attention; like ufo's, monkeys, hidden traps, crazy rabbits, etc The different areas are colorful natural scenes aimed at kids. [cite web

Players can also create their own private island, choosing from 3 pre-made available templates. They can also decorate their island with various objects from the catalogue, but real money is required in order to do so.


The catalogue includes 50 virtual objects players can buy to decorate their islands. There are many type of objects, ranging from bushes, flowers, trees, palmtrees, to animated pets that the owner can control. There are some special objets, like the tent, that allows visitors to meet inside. Valentine's objects are now limited which makes them quite special too. The newest objects are the Indian set.

The Chest

The chest is a sort of pirate chest that appears randomly on any area with a prize of 1000 credits to the first player that clicks on it.


Eggs are one of the most desired objects in BoomBang, probably because there is a very limited number of them. Eggs were handed to winners of the Easter contest on 2006. Little eggs would pop up in islands, and the people who clicked the most would win big easter eggs. At Least 100 Eggs were given out on both BoomBangs. Eggs are not often sold, but are often traded for codes. In 2008 the Easter contest began again. The most common egg is the Goldenegg, which was giving to anyone who at least caught one. Other people in the ranking received rare eggs such as: Eggtopus, Eggdissey, Eggzilla and if you are the top 3, you received a chocolate bunny, the winners were deathdealer.,KiLlErMaRiO, and Opa-Nenas.


Moderators are people from the staff that manage the complaints and reports that arrive from the players. They occasionally visit the game to "live chat" with the players, and have a golden panel and a butterfly that makes them recognizable. Here a list of the moderator names: Kum, Eva, Ponder, Micaelo, Marti, Bebe, Hola, Whitepixel, Tigerton and Wolfmother


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