Topic outline of law enforcement

Topic outline of law enforcement

Law enforcement is the activity of any law enforcement agency, which is any organization that enforces the laws of one or more governing bodies, or an organization that actively and directly assists in the enforcement of laws. In doing so, law enforcement agencies assist governments in maintaining the peace between and safety of their subjects. A person authorized to enforce the law is some times generally referred to as a law enforcement officer, and they can also be referred to as agents. When the law enforcement officer is also responsible for public safety and social order, the person is typically called a police officer [Definition of police agency] or constable. The following outline is provided as an overview of and introduction to law enforcement.In the United Kingdom, law enforcement by police is not proprietary. The area of law and the role of the police is tightly constrained and highly technical and governed by statutes such as the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, the Police and Criminal Evidence Act Codes of Practice,the Human Rights Act , the Police and Justice Act, the Violent Crime Reduction Act, and many more pieces of legislation. Of these, the two main statutes governing the police service in England and Wales are the Police Act 1996 and the Police Reform Act 2002. The Police and Justice Act 2006 created the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA). Generally, UK police come under the jurisdiction of the Home Office as per the Police Act 1996. The Police Act 1997 covers the SOCA, the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

There are other policing services in England and Wales, these being - British Transport Police; Ministry of Defence Police; Civil Nuclear Constabulary and Ports Police.

Apart from the usual powers of arrest that PACE gives the police,general policing duties include the ability to handle civil disputes, offences relating to land and property, licensing and offences relating to alcohol, offences and powers relating to information and to diversity, discrimination,equality and terrorism.

Essence of law enforcement

* Criminal law
* Law enforcement agency
* Law enforcement officer

Law enforcement agencies

* Police department
* Federal police
* Military police
* Secret police

Law enforcement officers

* Constable
* Marshal
* Peace officer
* Police officer
* Ranger
* Sheriff
* Special agent
* Trooper

Law enforcement by region

History of law enforcement

: "Main article: History of law enforcement and History of criminal justice"

* Police box

Basic law enforcement concepts

* Criminal intelligence
* Criminal justice
* Criminal law
* Crowd control
* Evidence
* Fingerprint
* Indictment
* Law enforcement agency
* Law enforcement officer
* Police academy
* Police accountability
* Police brutality
* Police corruption
* Public security
* Riot control
* Surveillance
* Suspect
* Warrant

Law enforcement equipment

* Armor
** Ballistic vest
** Shield
*** Ballistic shield
*** Riot shield
* Police dog
* Police duty belt
* Police radio
* Police vehicle
* Policeware
* Weapons
** Club
** Taser
** Firearm
** Handgun
** Riot gun
* Uniform
* Uniforms and equipment of the British police

Law enforcement techniques and procedures

* Bait car
* Baton charge
* Body cavity search
* Crime analysis
* Crime mapping
* Crowd control
* Dawn raid
* Deadly force
* Defendo
* Dignitary Protection
* Door breaching
* Double tap
* Dragnet
* FBI method of profiling
* Facial composite
* Forcible entry
* Hunting strategy
* Immediate Action Rapid Deployment
* Lawful interception
* Mail cover
* Manhunt
* Mozambique Drill
* Mug shot
* Offender profiling
* Pain compliance
* Police diving
* Police lineup
* Re-creation
* Riot control
* Search of persons
* Sobriety checkpoints
* Speed trap
* Stakeout
* Sting operation
* Strip search
* Telephone tapping
* Traffic break
* Tueller Drill
* Vehicular accident reconstruction

Law enforcement leaders and scholars

* Julian Fantino
* J. Edgar Hoover
* Robert Peel
* Garda Síochána
* August Vollmer

Law enforcement-related lists

: "Main article: List of law enforcement topics"

* Law enforcement by country
* Law enforcement jargon
* List of law enforcement agencies

* List of basic criminal justice topics
* List of intelligence agencies
* List of protective service agencies

See also

* Code enforcement


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