Amorphous calcium phosphate

Amorphous calcium phosphate

Amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP) is a substance used as a dental treatment. Calcium and phosphate are natural building blocks of teeth, and when present in insufficient amounts, there can be sensitivity after procedures such as dental bleaching or professional dental cleaning. Amorphous calcium phosphate will help in restoring the necessary mineral balance in the mouth in an easy and efficient way.

First use

ACP technology using a two-phase delivery system that prevents the calcium and phosphate from reacting was developed by Ming S. Tung at the American Dental Research Association’s Paffenbarger Research Center. It was first used in a toothpaste called Enamelon in 1999, but it failed commercially. It is now found in Arm & Hammer’s Enamel Care Toothpaste (introduced in 2004) as well as their Age Defying Toothpaste, Discus Dental’s Nite White bleaching gel and Premier Dental’s Enamel Pro polishing paste. It is also used in the Aegis product line, such as Aegis Pit and Fissure Sealant, produced by Bosworth for dental professionals to use in dental offices. [ [ RDH Magazine- - Remineralization strategies ] ]

Recent developments

Recent developments by Recaldent have made it possible to bring calcium and phosphate in an amorphous form to the mouth. By means of casein phosphopeptide, a complex is created with the amorphous calcium phosphate and the resulting CPP-ACP molecule binds to biofilms, plaque, bacteria, hydroxyapatite and surrounding soft tissue, thus localizing the bio-available calcium and phosphate. This molecule is available in a commercial product from GC [ [ GC's Global Site ] ] , a Japanese dental manufacturer and is called Tooth Mousse [ [ Gc Europe ] ] . When applied to tooth surfaces, it strengthens tooth enamel before and after bleaching, and can protect dentine after professional dental cleaning and during orthodontic treatment, helping to prevent dentine hypersensitivity. People suffering from saliva problems also benefit since the CPP-ACP replenishes tooth surface by supporting the natural flow of saliva.


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