HYDRUS (software)

HYDRUS (software)

HYDRUS is a collection of software tools for modeling liquid flow in porous media, especially water flow in both saturated and unsaturated soil. Tools include the numerical solutions for Richards equation in 1, 2 or 3 dimensions, a graphical user interface, and a mesh generator. Some tools are commercial, others free software.

A review [cite journal
last = Diodato
first = David M.
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journal = Computer Spotlights in Ground Water
volume = 1
issue = 38
pages = 10–11
publisher = The National Ground Water Association
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] in "Computer Spotlights in Ground Water" gave it top rating (5 of 5) for capability and support, high rating (4.7) for ease of use, and medium-high rating (3.8) for reliability. Only two specific criticisms were mentioned, first one tested feared the interpolation routines for the output might hide numerical problems, and there was a general lack of tutorial style documentation.


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* [http://www.pc-progress.cz/Fr_Hydrus.htm Hydrus home page]

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