Shiva (disambiguation)

Shiva (disambiguation)

Siva, Shiva, and similar may refer to:


* Shiva or Śiva or Shiv, Hindu God
* Shaivism, types of Hinduism devoted to Shiva
* Shivā (ending with long 'a'), another name of Parvati, Shiv's consort
* Shiva (Judaism), Jewish ritual of mourning
* Šiva or Šiwa, Slavic goddess


* Shiva (strain), strain of "Cannabis sativa" subsp. "indica"
* Shiva laser, built at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the late 1970's
* Shiva Star or Shiva, high-powered plasma weapon research project
* Shiva Hypothesis, scientific theory concerning impact events
* Siva (protein), pro-apoptotic signaling protein
* 1170 Siva, asteroid named after the god

cuba diving

* Siva (rebreather), made by Carleton Life Support

Music and dance

* Shiva (singer), deceased house music singer
* Siva (song), song by The Smashing Pumpkins
* Siva Samoa, type of Samoan dance often performed at weddings


* Shivaji, the founder of the Maratha Empire
* Vandana Shiva, physicist, philosopher, ecofeminist, environmental activist, and writer
* Siva Vaidhyanathan, professor of Media Studies and Law at the University of Virginia


* Živa, a place in Serbia


* Shiva, a fictitious strain of Ebola virus from the novel "Rainbow Six" by Tom Clancy
* Shiva, a summonable ice elemental in the "Final Fantasy" series
* "Shiva" (film), 1989 Telugu film by Ram Gopal Varma
** "Shiva (2006 film)", 2006 Hindi film by the same director.
* Shiva (Marvel Comics), Marvel Comics program designed to destroy Weapon X experiments like Wolverine
* Lady Shiva, DC Comics character
* Kaiyanwang, fictional character from 3×3 Eyes, was also called Shiva
* Siva, fictional character from "The Tribe", played by Monique Cassie
* Sheeva, "Mortal Kombat" character
* Shiva, the ultimate villain in the anime Shurato


* Shiva crater, meteor crater in the Indian Ocean west of India
* Shiva, series of Virtual private network gateways made by Eicon
* Shiva Smart Tunneling (SST), simplistic UDP-based VPN tunneling protocol
* SIVA, 21st Century marketing approach entailing Solution, Information, Value, and Access
* Siva (bird)
* Neosapien General Shiva from the cartoon TV series "Exosquad"


* SIVA or Simplified Individual Voluntary Arrangement, pending UK insolvency process
* SIVA SF or Industrial Development Corporation of Norway

ee also

* Siwa
* Sieve
* Shiv
* Shiver
* Yeshiva

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