Certified Novell Engineer

Certified Novell Engineer

Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) is a certification which is designed to show that an individual possesses in-depth knowledge and skills related to administration and troubleshooting of the Novell NetWare operating system.



Specifically, the CNE training program is intended to train a system administrator on how to use management tools, perform server installations, manage the eDirectory, printing, allocate storage space, email and instant messaging services, and managing security.


CNE originally stood for Certified Netware Engineer. When Unixware entered Novell's product range around 1993, it became Certified Novell Engineer.


In contrast to a Certified Novell Administrator (CNA), a CNE must pass a series of tests to prove their readiness for the certification. A CNA must pass only a single test.

The Novell CNE training provides knowledge and skills implementing a sometimes wide variety of Novell (NetWare) products.


Although considered a good starting point in the IT industry, despite some changes in the overall use of the software,[1] the CNE certification program requires thorough hands-on lab based understanding across all core product roles and peripheral packaged support services. At its peak of 261K CNE's, although Microsoft's MCSE count was close, Microsoft certs suffered from the "Brain Dump" test answer posting mentality of MCSE candidates possible belief in Microsoft overall. The CNE cert delivers strong vendor neutral skills of quite less proprietary nature than the MCSE. Differences in approach of technical resources somewhat allow non-MCSE's to setup Windows platforms and Novell seems to require in-depth research - of CNE capacity to provision turn key NetWare & services. Awarded for years Novell's support site is easier to professionally apply. As an elective, Novell's ZENworks based CNE provides Windows client side control of superior nature than Microsoft's own SMS and reliance on scripting, and has taken top awards several years running. [2]


Novell also has advancements of this certification including:

  • MCNE - Master Certified Novell Engineer - additional exam topics.
  • CNI - Certified Novell Instructor - requiring higher exam point to pass, together with assessed presentation skills.

In addition, a certain amount of continuing education is required in order for certificate holders to maintain their skills and certification.[2]


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