Roman Catholic Diocese of Litoměřice

Roman Catholic Diocese of Litoměřice
Diocese of Litoměřice
Dioecesis Litomericensis
Country Czech Republic
Metropolitan Prague
Area 9,380 km2 (3,620 sq mi)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2004)
276,000 (20.7%)
Parishes 437
Rite Latin Rite
Cathedral Katedrála sv. Štěpána
(Cathedral of St. Stephen)
Current leadership
Bishop Jan Baxant
Vicars General Stanislav Přibyl
Emeritus Bishops Jan Koukl

Location of the Diocese of Litoměřice

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Litoměřice Latin: Litomericen(sis) is a diocese located in the city of Litoměřice in the Ecclesiastical province of Prague in the Czech Republic.



  • July 3, 1655: Established as Diocese of Litoměřice from Metropolitan Archdiocese of Praha

Special churches

Bishop's residence and St. Stephen Cathedral in Litoměřice.
Bazilika sv. Vavřince a sv. Zdislavy
(Basilica of St. Lawrence and St. Zdislava)
  • Minor Basilicas:
    • Bazilika Panny Marie Bolestné, Krupka, Ústecký kraj
      (Basilica of Our Lady of Sorrows)
    • Bazilika Panny Marie Pomocnice křesťanů, Jiříkov, Ústecký kraj
      (Basilica of Our Lady Help of Christians)
    • Bazilika sv. Vavřince a sv. Zdislavy, Jablonné v Podještědí, Liberecký kraj
      (Basilica of St. Lawrence and St. Zdislava)
    • Bazilika Všech svatých, Česká Lípa, Liberecký kraj
      (Basilica of All Saints)


  • Bishops of Litoměřice (Roman rite)
    • Bishop Jan Baxant (since 2008.10.04)
    • Bishop Dominik Duka, O.P. (Apostolic Administrator since 2004.11.06)
    • Bishop Pavel Posád (2003.12.24 – 2008.01.26)
    • Bishop Josef Koukl (1989.07.26 – 2003.12.24)
    • Cardinal Štěpán Trochta, S.D.B. (1947.09.27 – 1974.04.06)
    • Archbishop Antonín Alois Weber (1931.10.22 – 1947.03.10)
    • Bishop Josef Gross (1910.04.20 – 1931.01.20)
    • Bishop Emanuel Jan Schöbel (1882 – 1909.11.28)
    • Bishop Antonín Ludvík Frind (1879 – 1881.10.18)
    • Bishop Augustin Pavel Wahala (1866 – 1877.09.10)
    • Bishop Augustin Bartoloměj Hille (1832 – 1865.04.26)
    • Archbishop Vinzenz Eduard Milde (1823.01.16 – 1832.03.19)
    • Bishop Josef František Hurdálek (1815.12.18 – 1822.09.28)
    • Archbishop Václav Leopold Chlumčanský (1801.10.15 – 1815.03.15)
    • Bishop Ferdinand Kindermann (1790.02.04 – 1801.05.25)
    • Bishop Emmanuel Ernst Reichsgraf von Waldstein (1759.07.19 – 1789.12.07)
    • Bishop Moritz Adolf Karl Herzog von Sachsen-Zeitz (1733.07.04 – 1759.06.20)
    • Bishop Johann Adam Reichsgraf von Wratislaw von Mitrowitz (1721.01.09 – 1733.06.02)
    • Bishop Hugo František von Königsegg-Rothenfels (1709.08.06 – 1720.09.06)
    • Bishop Jaroslav František Ignác von Sternberg (1675.10.30 – 1709.04.12)
    • Bishop Maxmilián Rudolf Schleinitz (1655.07.02 – 1675.10.13)

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