Richardson (surname)

Richardson (surname)

:Family name
name = Richardson

pronunciation =
meaning ="son of Richard
region =England
origin =Anglo-Saxon
related names =Richardsson
footnotes =

Richardson is an Anglo Saxon patronymic surname. The prefix Richard, is a given name derived from the Old English "ric" ("power") and "heard" ("brave"/"hardy"). The suffix "-son" denotes "son/descendent of".The name Richard and Richardson is found in records as early as 1381 in Yorkshire. [cite web |url= |title=Surname Richardson | |accessdate=2008-02-05] There are variant spellings including the Swedish Richardsson. People with the name Richardson or its variants include:


*Archibald Read Richardson, British mathematician
*Ashley Richardson, American supermodel
* Sir Benjamin Ward Richardson, (1828 – 1896) British physician
*Bill Richardson, American politician, New Mexico governor
*David H. S. Richardson, British & Canadian lichenologist
*Don Richardson, British commercial development tycoon
*Dorothy Richardson (1873-1957), English writer
*Elliot Richardson (1920-1999), American politician
*Frazer Richardson, Scottish footballer
*George F. Richardson (1850-1923), U.S. Representative from Michigan
*Graham Richardson Australian Politician
*Henry Handel Richardson, Australian writer
*Henry Hobson Richardson (1838-1886), American architect
*Ian Richardson, British actor
*Jason Richardson, American basketball player
*Jiles Perry Richardson (The Big Bopper) (1930-1959), American rock and roll performer
*Joely Richardson, British actress
*John Richardson, English actor
*John Richardson (1796–1852), Canadian novelist
*Sir John Richardson (1787-1865), Scottish naturalist
*Kevin Richardson (musician), former member of the Backstreet Boys
*Kevin Michael Richardson, American voice actor
*Kieran Richardson, English footballer
*Kym Richardson, Australian politician
*Lewis Fry Richardson (1881-1953), English mathematician
*Luke Richardson (1969-), Canadian hockey player
*Mark Richardson (athlete), British athlete
*Mark Richardson (cricketer), New Zealand cricketer
*Mark Richardson (musician), British drummer with Feeder
*Miranda Richardson, British actress
*Lisa Richardson, British legend
*Natasha Richardson, British actress
*Neil Richardson, British composer
*Neil Richardson, English footballer
*Nick Richardson, English footballer
*Origen Richardson (1795-1876), American politician
*Owen Willans Richardson (1879-1959), English physicist
*Paul Richardson, ballpark organist
*Peter Richardson, British comedian, actor, writer and director
*Quentin Richardson, NBA basketball player
*Sir Ralph Richardson (1902-1983), British actor
*Richie Richardson, West Indian Cricketer
*Robert C. Richardson, Jr. (1882-1954), American general
*Robert Coleman Richardson, American physicist
*Roger Wolcott Richardson, American mathematician
*Samuel Richardson (1689-1761), English novelist
*Stuart Richardson, bassist for the Welsh band Lostprophets]
*Thomas Richardson (wrestler), American wrestler
*Tom Richardson (1870-1912), English fast bowler (cricket)
*Tony Richardson (1928-1991), British movie director
*Tony Rickardsson, Swedish speedway driver
*The Richardson Gang (1960s), British gangsters
*Richardson family, Canadian, three members killed in highly publicized case in 2006
*Vic Richardson (1894-1969), former Australian cricketer and outstanding all-round sportsman
*William S. Richardson, American former Chief Justice and Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii


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