Oddball, Oddballs, or Odd Ball may refer to:

  • Oddball Codes, are NPA NXX numbers that generally are associated with non-standard telephony service and/or have unique characteristics, including N11 numbers (e.g. 411, 911)

In fiction and entertainment:

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  • oddball — odd ball ([o^]d b[add]l ), n. 1. A person with an unusual or odd personality; an eccentric person. [informal] Syn: eccentric, eccentric person, geek. [WordNet 1.5] 2. Hence: Anything unusual in its class. [PJC] Pluto is an oddball among its eight …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • oddball — odd ball ([o^]d b[add]l ), a. Eccentric; very unusual; strange; bizarre; as, an oddball request. [informal] [PJC] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • oddball — (n.) eccentric or unconventional person, 1948, from ODD (Cf. odd) + BALL (Cf. ball) (n.1). Earlier (1946) as an adjective, used by aviators …   Etymology dictionary

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