Hybrid gyrojet

Hybrid gyrojet

A hybrid gyrojet is simply a much more effective, more accurate and more lethal gyrojet "weapon". The original gyrojet weapons were designed for medium range(around 50m), as they were powered by a rocket which needed time to accelerate(in fact, a piece of cardboard held over the muzzle was enough to stop it). Perhaps the major design flaw is that the propellant was made as a solid block. A solid block of propellant has a much smaller surface area than a propellant made up of individual grains.


Some materials used for the construction of a hybrid gyrojet would consist of Aluminum, Stainless Steel,Plastics, Copper and Brass, to name a few. The main design parameters for the construction of a hybrid gyrojet launcher would be weight, cost and usability.


Many military organizations are looking to hybrid gyrojet's as a replacement for their aging anti-tank capabilities. Once all the initial design flaws have been weaved out, they will be an extremely effective method of taking out enemy/hostile tanks, jeeps, planes/jets, and whatever else they may use it on. Specifications are still on the drawing board, but will be published as soon as they become available.

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