Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force

Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force

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The Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force (RHKAAF), was an auxiliary unit of the United Kingdom Royal Air Force, based in Hong Kong. In preparation for the transfer of sovereignty from the United Kingdom to the People's Republic of China, the unit was disbanded on April 1 1993.

Although technically an armed military unit, run on the lines of an RAF squadron, latterly its responsibilities were mostly involved in providing non-military aviation services such as police support, search and rescue, air ambulance and firefighting in the colony.


The RHKAAF came into existence in 1949 as part of the Hong Kong Defence Force. From 1949 to 1950, it was known as HKAAF and the Royal title was approved by King George VI in 1951. The RHKAAF was finally disbanded on 1st April 1993. All non-military operations were taken over by the Government Flying Service (GFS), a newly-created civilian unit with the original service staff of the RHKAAF. The remaining military duties were transferred to other RAF units based in the colony, and passed to the People's Liberation Army Hong Kong Garrison (Shek Kong Airfield, Shigang Air Base, Guangdong and Guangzhou Shadi Air Base) on the actual transfer of sovereignty in 1997.

The RHKAAF was based at Kai Tak Airport from 1979 to 1993, with a sub-station at Sek Kong Airfield.


Over the years, the RHKAAF fleet comprised:


RHKAAF personnel were a mixture of full-time and part-time staff. Most were mostly locally recruited, in the latter years mostly local Hong Kong Chinese. The ranks used were similar to those of the Royal Air Force.

* Controller
* Chief Pilot
* Chief Aircraft Engineer
* Senior Pilot
* Senior Aircraft Engineer
* Senior Aircrewman Officer
* Pilot I
* Aircraft Engineer
* Aircrewman Officer I
* Pilot I
* Aircraft Engineer
* Aircrewman Officer I
* Pilot II
* Aircraft Engineer
* Aircrewman Officer II
* Chief Aircraft Technician
* Pilot II
* Chief Aircraft Technician
* Senior Aircraft Technician
* Aircrewman Officer III
* Cadet Pilot
* Senior Aircraft Technician
* Aircraft Technician
* Aircrewman Officer III

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