Turkish Education Association

Turkish Education Association

The Turkish Education Association was established on January 1, 1928, under Ataturk's vision and leadershipcite web |url=http://www.ted.org.tr/EN/BelgeGoster.aspx?17A16AE30572D313AAF6AA849816B2EF01E9BE68C047FEF5 |title=About Us |accessdate= 2008-02-01] . The Association acquired the status of an 'association for public benefit' in the resolution of the Council of Ministers, dated December 12th, 1939. Ataturk always believed in the indisputable role of education in the modernization of Turkey.

As a long-standing CSO, our Association has always been active in the field of education, supporting intelligent and hard-working Turkish children in financial need as well as making material and scientific contributions to the educational life in Turkey.


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