Ecumenical Apologetics

Ecumenical Apologetics

Ecumenical Apologetics is "an explanation (defense) of the Christian Faith, in an ecumenical fashion" [ [ Ecumenical Apologetics ] ] ; presenting a defense of the faith while advocating and recognizing "a greater sense of shared spirituality" [Ecumenism] with those of other faiths.

While neither apologetics nor ecumenism is a new term, "Ecumenical Apologetics" came into use early in the 21st Century in an effort to combine the two, which were previously presumed to be opposing efforts or ideas [ [ An Answer for Those with Ears to Hear] , a review by Mark Brumley of Choosing a World-View and Value-System: An Ecumenical Apologetics] . Likewise, both apologetics "and" ecumenism are terms used by people of varying faiths; however, at the time of this writing, the term is used primarily, if not exclusively, to refer to a form of Christian Apologetics [ [ Google search results] ] [ [ Yahoo search results] ] .

Notable Related Books

* Fr. Benedict M. Ashley, "Choosing a World-View and Value-System: An Ecumenical Apologetics". Published by Alba House (May 2000).
* Konrad Raiser, "Ecumenism in Transition: A Paradigm Shift in the Ecumenical Movement". Published by World Council of Churches (October 1991).
* George E. Griener, "Ernst Troeltsch and Herman Schell: Christianity and the World Religions : An Ecumenical Contribution to the History of Apologetics". Published by Peter Lang Pub Inc. (June 1990).

Notable Related Websites

* [ Catholic Truths: Ecumenical Apologetics]


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