Landgrave George William of Hesse-Darmstadt

Landgrave George William of Hesse-Darmstadt

Georg Wilhelm of Hesse-Darmstadt (July 11 1722 – June 21 1782) was a Prince of Hesse-Darmstadt and an ancestor of many royals of the 19th century. He was born in Darmstadt.

He was the second son of Landgrave Louis VIII and Charlotte Christine Magdalene Johanna von Hanau-Lichtenberg.

He commanded from 1738 till his death the army-regiment of his land.He was the official military adviser to his father, but had a strong rival in his older brother Louis IX, who followed his friend's example, the soldier-king Frederick II of Prussia.

He married in 1748 Maria Luise Albertine von Leiningen-Dagsburg-Falkenburg, and had nine children:

# Ludwig Georg Karl (1749)
# Georg Friedrich (1750)
# Friederike Caroline Luise (1752-1782), married Charles II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
# Georg Karl (1754-1830), banned to Hungary
# Charlotte Wilhelmine Christiane Marie (1755-1785), married her brother-in-law Charles II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
# Karl Wilhelm Georg (1757)
# Friedrich Georg August (1759)
# Louise Henriette Caroline (1761-1829), married Louis I, Grand Duke of Hesse
# Auguste Wilhelmine Maria (1765-1796), married Maximilian I, King of Bavaria

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