Take This Hammer

Take This Hammer
"Take This Hammer"
Nine Pound Hammer
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"Take This Hammer" (Roud 4299) is a prison work song. It was collected by John and Alan Lomax. The song "Nine Pound Hammer" has a few phrases in common with this song, and the same Roud number. "Swannanoa Tunnel" is similar, and this group of songs are referred to as 'hammer songs' or 'roll songs'. According to the Columbia State University, the earliest collected version was made by Newman Ivey White in 1915.


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  • The lyrics to the first verse are visible in the liner notes of Brand New's The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me album.
  • There is a movie Take This Hammer, released September 2008. The film is a documentary about the building of dry stack stone walls, and the soundtrack also features the traditional "Nine Pound Hammer song" (which is public domain). [1]

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