Recorder (legal office)

Recorder (legal office)

The term Recorder refers to the highest legal officer of a particular area. Formerly, a Recorder was a certain magistrate or judge having criminal and civil jurisdiction in a city or borough. A recorder was originally an appointed person with legal knowledge by the mayor and aldermen to 'record' the proceedings of their courts and the customs of the city. Such recordings were regarded as the highest evidence of fact. [Riley Munimenta Gildhallæ I. 42-3] The Recorder of London, is still appointed by the Court of Aldermen. In other areas, the appointment is made by the Crown. The duties of the office are regulated by the Municipa Corporations Act of 5 and 6 William IV and subsequent enactments. [Oxford English Dictionary entry] . This variety of Recorder should not be confused with those Recorders who are solicitors and barristers who are appointed as fee paid part time judges.

Cities with Recorders today

This list is far from exhaustive:

Recorder of Lincoln
Recorder of Liverpool
Recorder of London
Recorder of Nottingham


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