Tank and Armoured Cars Group

Tank and Armoured Cars Group

The Tank and Armoured Cars Group (Agrupación de carros de asalto y autos blindados) was the first armoured formation of the Corps of Volunteer Troops ("Corpo Truppe Volontarie", or CTV) involved in the Spanish Civil War. Between 3 February and 8 February 1937, Italian armor played a successful part during the Battle of Málaga. But, between 8 March and 23 March 1937, this group was involved in the Battle of Guadalajara which turned out to be a Republican victory.

Order of battle March 1937

Tank and Armoured Cars Group - Major Lohengrin Giraud
* 1st Tank Company - Capitán Oreste Fortuna
* 2nd Tank Company - Capitán Paolo Paladini
* 3rd Tank Company - Capitán Miduri
* 4th Tank Company - Capitán Carcio
* 1st Armoured Car Company
* 1st Motorized Machinegun Company - Capitán Ricci
* 47mm Antitank Gun Section
* Chemical - Flamethrower Company

ee also

* L3/35
* Cannone da 47/32 M35


*de Mesa, José Luis, El regreso de las legiones: (la ayuda militar italiana a la España nacional, 1936-1939), García Hispán, Granada:España, 1994 ISBN: 84-87690-33-5

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