Writings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Writings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is known to have produced a vast amount of literature. He wrote over eighty books many of which extend to hundreds of pages. Apart from his books, he is also known to have composed poetry in three different languages, namely Persian, Urdu and Arabic.

Initially his books were published separately but after his death, his complete works were collected under the leadership of Mirza Nasir Ahmad, the third successor of Ghulam Ahmad and are to be found in the twenty-three volume corpus known as "Roohani Khazāin" (Spiritual treasures) which includes all his books pamphlets and various periodicals and articles he wrote before his claim known as "Porani Tehrirėn" (Old writings). His complete announcements and advertisements were collected in the "Majmooa Ishtiharat" (collection of advertisements). A small portion of his books has yet been translated in English. [ [http://www.alislam.org/library/links/80-books.html Ahmadiyya Muslim Community - Introducing the Books of the Promised Messiah (as) ] ] His correspondence has been compiled in 7 volumes as "Maktoobat-e-Ahmadiyya" and his complete discourses or sayings have been compiled in ten volumes known as the Malfoozat.

List of some books of Ghulam Ahmad

* "Barahin-e-Ahmadiyya" (proofs of the Ahmadiyya)
* "Surma chashm Ărya" (Kohl for the eyes of Aryas)
* "Shahnai-e-Haq" (the reed of truth)
* "Sabz Ishtihar" (Green advertisement)
* "Fateh-Islam" [http://www.alislam.org/books/victoryofislam/VICTORY%20OF%20ISLAM.pdf Victory of Islam]
* "Tauzeeh-e-marām" [http://www.alislam.org/library/books/elucidation/Elucidation-of-Objectives.pdf Elucidation of objectives]
* "Izala Awham" (Removal of suspicions)
* "Mubahisa Ludhiana" (Truth about the Ludhiana debate)
* " Mubahisa Delhi" (Truth about the Delhi debate)
* "Ăsmani faisla" [http://www.alislam.org/library/books/TheHeavenlyDecree.pdf The Heavenly Decree]
* "Nishan-e-Ăsmani" [http://www.alislam.org/library/books/TheHeavenlySign.pdf Heavenly Sign]
* "A’ina Kamalāt Islam" (Mirror of the Excellence of Islam)
* "Barakat-ud-dua" [http://www.alislam.org/library/books/Blessings-of-Prayer.pdf Blessings of prayer]
* " Hujjatul Islam" (The convincing proof of Islam)
* "Shahadatul Quran" (Testimony of the Quran)
* " Karamatus Sādiqeen" (Miracles of the Truthful)
* "Hamāmat-ul-Bushra" ( The Dove of glad tidings)
* "Nur-ul-Haq" (Light of Truth)
* "Itmāmul Hujjah" (Completion of proof)
* " Sirr-ul- Khilafah" (The secret of Caliphate)
* "Anwārul Islam" (The Splendours of Islam)
* "Minan-ur- Rahman" [http://www.alislam.org/topics/arabic/Arabic%20-%20Mother%20of%20all%20languages.pdf Bounties of the Gracious]
* "Zia-ul-Haq" (The radiance of truth)
* " Noor-ul Quran" (Light of the Quran)
* "Mayyarul Mazāhib" [http://www.alislam.org/library/books/TheCriterionForReligions.pdf The criterion for religions]
* " Ărya Dharam" (The Arya religion)
* "Sat Bachan" (The True Word)
* "Islami usool ki Falāsifi" (Philosophy of the Teachings of Islam)
* "Anjaam-e-Aatham" (The end of Aatham)
* "Siraj-e-Munir" (The Bright Lamp)
* "Hujjatullah" (The Convincing proof from God)
* " Ek Eesai ke teen sawal or in ke jawāb" [http://www.alislam.org/library/books/3-Questions-by-a-Christian.pdf Three questions by a Christian and their answers]
* "Kitab-al- Bariyya" (The Book of Acquittal)
* "Al Balaagh" (The Conveyance)
* "Zaruratul Imām" [http://www.alislam.org/library/books/TheNeedForTheImam.pdf The need for the Imam]
* "Najm-ul-Hudā" (The Guiding Star)
* "Rāz-e-Haqiqat" (Secret of the Truth)
* " Kashf-ul-Ghatā" (Unveiling of a Curtain)
* "Ayyam-us-Sulh" (Days of reconciliation)
* "Haqiqat-ul-Mahdi" (The reality of the Mahdi)
* "Maseeh Hindustan mein" [http://www.alislam.org/library/books/jesus-in-india/index.html Jesus in India]
* "Teriyaq-ul-Quloob" (Antidote of the hearts)
* "Khutba Ilhamiyya" (The Inspired Sermon)
* "Lujjatun-Noor" (The Sea of Light)
* " Government Angrezi awr Jihad" [http://www.alislam.org/library/books/BritishGovt-and-Jihad.pdf The British Government and Jihad]
* "Ijazul Maseeh" (Miracle of the Messiah)
* "Ek ghalti ka Izala" [http://www.alislam.org/library/books/A-Misconception-Removed.pdf A misconception removed]
* "Dafi-ul-Balā" (Repeller of the calamity)
* "Al Huda" (The Guidance)
* "Nuzul-ul-Maseeh" ( The Descent of the Messiah)
* "Kishti-e-Nuh" (The Ark of Noah)
* "Muwahib-ur-Rahman" (Gifts of God)
* "Naseem-e-Dāvet" ( The breeze of Invitation)
* "Sanātan Dharam" (Sanatan Dharma)
* "Tazkirat-ush-Shahadatain" [http://www.alislam.org/books/tadhkiratush%20shahadatain/index.html A Narrative of two martydoms]
* "Seerat-ul- Abdāl" (Disposition of the Truthful)
* "Lecture Lahore" (The Lahore lecture)
* "Lecture Sialkot" [http://www.alislam.org/library/books/LectureSialkot.pdf The Sialkot lecture]
* "Lecture Ludhiana" [http://www.alislam.org/library/books/ludhiana/LectureLudhiana.pdf The Ludhiana lecture]
* "Al Wasiyyat" [http://www.alislam.org/library/books/thewill/the_will.pdf The Will]
* "Chashma-e-Maseehi" [http://www.alislam.org/library/books/Fountain-of-Christianity-20080505MN.pdf The fountain of Christianity]
* "Tajalliyyāt-e-Ilāhiyya" [http://www.alislam.org/library/books/DivineManifestations.pdf Divine Manifestations]
* "Haqiqat-ul-Wahi" (The reality of revelation)
* "Chashma-e-Ma’rafet" (The fountain of God realisation)
* "Paigham-e-Sulh" [http://www.alislam.org/library/books/Message-of-Peace.pdf A Message of reconciliation]


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