International labour standards

International labour standards

International labour standards are conventions, treaties and recommendations designed to eliminate unjust and inhumane labour practices. The primary inernational agency charged with developing such standards is the International Labour Organization (ILO). Established in 1919, the ILO advocates international standards as essential for the eradication of labour conditions involving "injustice, hardship and privation". According to the ILO, international labour standards contribute to the possibility of lasting peace, help to mitigate potentially adverse effects of international market competition and help the progress of international development. [citebook|title=Fundamental Rights at Work and International Labour Standards By International Labor Office|author= International Labor Office|year= 2003|publisher=International Labour Organization|id=ISBN 9221133753] [citebook|title=Trade Unions and Global Governance: The Debate on a Social Clause |author= Gerda “van” Roozendaal|year= 2002|publisher=Routledge|id=ISBN 082645660X |url=]


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