Infobox Greek Dimos
name = Falaisia
name_local = Φαλαισία

periph = Peloponnese
prefec = Arcadia
province =
population = 3229
population_as_of = 2001
population_ref =
pop_dens =
area =
elevation = 758
lat_deg = 37
lat_min = 17
lat_hem = N
lon_deg = 22
lon_min = 10
lon_hem = E
postal_code = 220 21
area_code = 27910
licence = TP
mayor =
website = [http://www.falaisia.gr www.falaisia.gr]

caption_skyline =


districts =
party =
since =
elevation_min = about 350 m "Alfeios" River
elevation_max = 1,522 m (south)

Falaisia, Falessia or Falesia ( _el. Φαλαισία), ancient form and Latin: Phalaesia is a village located in the heart of the municipality of the same name in the southwestern part of the prefecture of Arcadia. The name dates back to ancient times especially East Falaisia. The seat is just 5 km north in Leontari. Giannitsochori is accessed with a road linking north to Leontari and the road to Sparta along with GR-7 to the north. The south of the road is mainly gravel. It is located about 17 km S of Megalopoli, about 40 km SW (old distance: 57 km) SW of Tripoli, about 40.5 km SE of Andritsaina, NW of Sparta and about 60 km NE of Kalamata. Falaisia has no settlements.

Nearest places

*Tourkoleka, northwest
*Soulari, east
*Spaneika, southeast
*Kamara, south
*Kampochori, southwest
*Potamia, west

Municipal districts

**Ano Anavryto
**Kato Anavryto
*Giannaioi (pop: 79)
**Ano Giannaioi (pop: 23)
**Kato Giannaioi (pop: 56)
*Kamara (Arcadia), Greece
**Kampochori (pop: 68)
*Neochori Falaisias
**Moni Ampelaki
**Spaneika (pop: 36)
**Moni Boura


The community sits on a mountain slope and valleys dominate the southeastern part and the northern part and a river near Falaisia flows down to the Alpheus. Much of the area are bushes and grasslands while forests lie further south. Forests also dominates the area and to the northeast. Farmlands lie to the north.


The village was destroyed during the Turkish rule and a few inhabitants settled the area. Falaisia finally became Greek after the Greek War of Independence.

In 1920, Boura (Μπούρα) was renamed Falaisia. Electricity and automobiles arrived in the 1960s, radio later on, its roads were paved, television and radio in the 1980s, Internet and computer in some homes in the end of the 20th century.

Agriculture is the main industry, its main crops are fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, watermelon, melon, cattle, poultry, olives, citrus and more.

Historical population

Between 1921 and 1981 the population lost most of its inhabitants mainly after World War II and the Greek Civil War. The population between 1981 and 1991 recovered, along with Megalopoli, Falaisia was the fewest places that grew its population in Arcadia.

External links

* [http://www.mapquest.com/maps/map.adp?tb=1&city=Falesia&country=GR Mapquest - Falaisia/Falessia] , street map not yet available
*Coordinates: coord|37|19|10|N|22|8|27|E|region:GR

ee also

*Communities of Arcadia

North: Megalopoli
West: Oichalia? FalaisiaEast: ?
South: Pellana?

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