Adjágas (album)

Adjágas (album)

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Name = Adjágas
Type = Album
Artist = Adjágas

Released = 2005
Recorded = Stugudal Studio, Rotoscope Studio
Genre = Yoik
Length =
Label = Ever Records
Producer = Andreas Mjos
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This album = "Adjágas"

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Adjágas is the self-titled debut album by Sami yoikers Sara Mariele Gaup and Lawra Somby, joined by various musicians. In this album the group blend the duo's joiking: a traditional vocal form of Sami music with folk elements and instruments.


# Lihkulaš
# Dolgemátki
# Mun ja Mun
# Rievdadeapmi
# Guorus Fatnasat
# Siivu
# Ozan
# Lavvu Vuovddis
# Šuvvi Ijat

Recording line-up

*Sara Mariele Gaup - Yoik
*Lawra Somby - Yoik
*Paal Fagerheim - Guitars, Slide Guitar, Banjo, Piano
*Timo Sivola - Drums, Percussion
*Juhani Sivola - Guitars, Slide Guitar, Banjo, Piano, Ukelele
*Andreas Mjos - Guitars, Piano, Bass, Violin, Keyboards, Percussion, Mallets, Omnichord, *Electronics
*Terje Johannesen - Trumpet
*Lars Lien - Piano on 3, 6 & 7

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