Roll Call

Roll Call

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name = Roll Call

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type = Periodical newspaper
format = Tabloid
foundation = 1955
ceased publication =
price =
owners = The Economist Group
publisher = Laurie Battaglia
editor = Charlie Mitchell
language =
political = Nonpartisan
circulation = 18,000
headquarters = 50 F Street NW
Suite 700
Washington DC 20001
website =

"Roll Call" is a newspaper published in Washington, D.C., United States. It is published Monday to Thursday when the United States Congress is in session and Mondays only during recess. It provides its readers with news of the legislative and political maneuvers that happen on Capitol Hill. In addition to breaking news, it features Washington, D.C., analysts such as Morton M. Kondracke, Stuart Rothenberg, and Norman Ornstein, and political coverage of Congressional elections across the country., the online version of the newspaper features breaking news stories and daily e-mail alerts.

Roll Call Group, of which the newspaper is the flagship publication, also operates GalleryWatch, an online legislative tracking service, and CongressNow, an online newsletter covering policy and legislation on Capitol Hill.

Founded in 1955 by Sid Yudain, a former press secretary to Congressman Al Morano (R-Conn.), "Roll Call" is now a member of The Economist Group. Other members of the Group include "The Economist", "CFO" and "European Voice".

Every issue, 11,500 copies of "Roll Call" are delivered to Congress and 400 copies are delivered to the White House free of charge.

In February 2008, Roll Call announced the launch of Roll Call TV with Robert Traynham, a 30-minute Sunday morning talk shows style featuring Roll Call reporters and other political and media types.

Prominent former staffers

*Susan Glasser, former national editor, Washington Post
*Glenn Simpson, staff writer, Wall Street Journal
*Jim VandeHei, executive editor, The Politico
*Tim Curran, political editor, Washington Post
*Ed Henry, White House correspondent, CNN
*Paul Kane, reporter, Washington Post
*John Bresnahan, senior congressional reporter, The Politico
*Mary Ann Akers, columnist,
*Ben Pershing, columnist,
*Brody Mullins, reporter, Wall Street Journal
*Susan Davis, reporter, Wall Street Journal

External links

* [ Roll Call's official site]
* [ Roll Call's GalleryWatch]
* [ Roll Call's CongressNow]


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