PSE All Shares Index

PSE All Shares Index

The PSE All Shares Index is the stock index in the Philippine Stock Exchange in which all of the stocks traded are included in computations for the level of the index.

List of stocks


* A. Brown Company (Pse|BRN)
* A. Soriano Corporation (Pse|ANS)
* Abacus Consolidated Resources & Holdings (Pse2|ABA|ABAB)
* Aboitiz Equity Ventures (Pse|AEV)
* Aboitiz Transport System Corporation (Pse|ATS)
* Abra Mining & Industrial Corporation (Pse|AR)
* ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation (Pse|ABS)
* Acesite (Philippines) Hotel Corporation (Pse|DHC)
* Active Alliance (Pse|AAI)
* AGP Industrial Corporation (Pse2|AGP|AGPB)
* Ajo.Net Holdings (Pse|AJO)
* Alaska Milk Corporation (Pse|AMC)
* Alcorn Gold Resources Corporation (Pse|APM)
* Alliance Global Group (Pse|AGI)
* Alliance Tuna International (Pse|TUNA)
* Alsons Consolidated Resources (Pse|ACR)
* Anchor Land Holdings (Pse|ALHI)
* Anglo Philippine Holdings Corporation (Pse|APO)
* APC Group (Pse|APC)
* Apex Mining Company (Pse2|APX|APXB)
* Araneta Properties (Pse|ARA)
* Aries Prime Resources (Pse|APR)
* Asia Amalgamated Holdings (Pse|AAA)
* Asian Terminals (Pse|ATI)
* Asiatrust Development Bank (Pse|ASIA)
* Atlas Consolidated Mining & Development Corporation (Pse|AT)
* ATN Holdings (Pse2|ATN|ATNB)
* Atok-Big Wedge Company (Pse2|AB|ABB)
* ATR Kimeng Financial Corporation (Pse|ATRK)
* Ayala Corporation (Pse|AC)
* Ayala Land (Pse|ALI)


* Bacnotan Consolidated Industrial (Pse|BCI)
* Banco De Oro-EPCI (Pse|BDO)
* Banco Filipino Savings & Mortgage Bank (Pse|BF)
* Bank of the Philippine Islands (Pse|BPI)
* Bankard (Pse|BKD)
* Basic Energy Corporation (Pse|BSC)
* Belle Corporation (Pse|BEL)
* Benguet Corporation (Pse2|BC|BCB)
* Benpres Holdings Corporation (Pse|BPC)
* BHI Holdings (Pse|BH)
* Bogo Medellin Milling Company (Pse|BMM)
* Boulevard Holdings (Pse|BHI)


* CADP Group Corporation (Pse|CAC)
* Cebu Holdings (Pse|CHI)
* Cebu Property Venture & Development (Pse2|CPV|CPVB)
* Central Azucarera De Tarlac (Pse|CAT)
* Centro Escolar University (Pse|CEU)
* Chemical Industries of the Philippines (Pse|CIP)
* Chemrez Technologies (Pse|COAT)
* China Banking Corporation (Pse|CHIB)
* Chinatrust (Philippines) Commercial Bank Corporation (Pse|CHTR)
* Citiseconline.Com (Pse|COL)
* City & Land Developers (Pse|LAND)
* City Resources (Philippines) Corporation (Pse|CRC)
* Cityland Development Corporation (Pse|CDC)
* Citystate Savings Bank (Pse|CSB)
* Concrete Aggregates Corporation (Pse2|CA|CAB)
* Cosmos Bottling Corporation (Pse|CBC)
* Crown Equities (Pse|CEI)
* Cyber Bay Corporation (Pse|CYBR)


* Digital Telecommunications Philippines (Pse|DGTL)
* Diversified Financial Network (Pse|DFNN)
* Dizon Copper Silver Mines (Pse|DIZ)
* DMCI Holdings (Pse|DMC)


* East Asia Power Resources Corporation (Pse|PWR)
* Easycall Communications Phils. (Pse|ECP)
* EEI Corporation (Pse|EEI)
* EIB Realty Development (Pse|EIBR)
* Empire East Land Holdings (Pse|ELI)
* Eton Properties Philippines (Pse|ETON)
* Euro-Med Laboratories Phils. (Pse|EURO)
* Ever Gotesco Resources & Holdings (Pse|EVER)
* Export And Industry Bank (Pse|EIB)


* F & J Prince Holdings Corporation (Pse2|FJP|FJPB)
* Far Eastern University (Pse|FEU)
* Federal Resources Investment Group (Pse|FED)
* Fil-Estate Corporation (Pse|FC)
* Fil-Estate Land (Pse|LND)
* Filinvest Development Corporation (Pse|FDC)
* Filinvest Land (Pse|FLI)
* Filipino Fund (Pse|FFI)
* Filsyn Corporation (Pse2|FYN|FYNB)
* First Abacus Financial Holdings Corp. (Pse|FAF)
* First Gen Corporation (Pse|FGEN)
* First Metro Investment Corporation (Pse|FMIC)
* First Philippine Holdings Corporation (Pse|FPH)
* Forum Pacific (Pse|FPI)


* Geograce Reources Philippines (Pse|GEO)
* Ginebra San Miguel (Pse|GSMI)
* Globe Telecom (Pse|GLO)
* GMA Network (Pse|GMA7)
* Gotesco Land (Pse2|GO|GOB)
* Grand Plaza Hotel Corporation (Pse|GPH)


* Highlands Prime (Pse|HP)
* Holcim Philippines (Pse|HLCM)
* House of Investments (Pse|HI)


* Imperial Resources (Pse2|IMP|IMPB)
* International Container Terminal Services (Pse|ICT)
* Interphil Laboratories (Pse|ILI|ILIB)
* Interport Resources Corporation (Pse2|IRC|IRCB)
* Ionics (Pse|ION)
* Ipeople (Pse|IPO)
* IPVG Corporation (Pse|IP)
* I-Remit (Pse|I)
* Island Information and Technology (Pse|IS)
* Ism Communications Corporation (Pse|ISM)
* Ivantage Corporation (Pse|V)


* JG Summit Holdings (Pse|JGS)
* Jollibee Foods Corporation (Pse|JFC)
* Jolliville Holdings Corporation (Pse|JOH)
* Jth Davies Holdings (Pse|JTH)


* Keppel Philippine Holdings (Pse2|KPH|KPHB)
* Keppel Philippines Marine (Pse|KPM)
* Keppel Philippines Properties (Pse|KEP)


* Leisure & Resorts World Corporation (Pse|LR)
* Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company (Pse2|LC|LCB)
* Liberty Flour Mills (Pse|LFM)
* Liberty Telecoms Holdings (Pse|LIB)
* LMG Chemicals Corporation (Pse|LMG)
* Lodestar Investment Holdings Corporation (Pse|LIHC)
* Lorenzo Shipping Corporation (Pse|LSC)


* Mabuhay Holdings Corporation (Pse|MHC)
* Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation (Pse|MVC)
* Macondray Plastics (Pse|MRAY)
* Macroasia Corporation (Pse|MAC)
* Manila Broadcasting Company (Pse|MBC)
* Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation (Pse|MB)
* Manila Electric Company (Pse|MER)
* Manila Jockey Club (Pse|MJC)
* Manila Mining Corporation (Pse|MA|MAB)
* Manila Water Company (Pse|MWC)
* Manulife Financial Corporation (Pse|MFC)
* Mariwasa Manufacturing Corporation (Pse|MMI)
* Marsteel Consolidated (Pse|MC|MCB)
* Medco Holdings (Pse|MED)
* Megaworld Corporation (Pse|MEG)
* Metro Alliance Holdings & Equities Corp. (Pse|MAH|MAHB)
* Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (Pse|MPI)
* Metropolitan Bank & Trust Company (Pse|MBT)
* Mic Holdings Corporation (Pse|MET)
* Minerales Industrias Corporation (Pse|MIC)
* Mondragon International Philippines (Pse|MON)
* MRC Allied Industries (Pse|MRC)
* Music Semiconductors Corporation (Pse|MUSX)


* National Reinsurance Corporation of the Philippines (Pse|NRCP)
* Nextstage (Pse|NXT)
* Nihao Mineral Resources International (Pse|NI)


* Omico Corporation (Pse|OM)
* Oriental Petroleum & Mineral Corporation (Pse2|OPM|OPMB)


* Pacific Online Systems Corporation (Pse|LOTO)
* Pacifica (Pse2|PA|PAB)
* Pal Holdings (Pse|PAL)
* Panasonic Manufacturing Philippines Corporation (Pse|PMPC)
* Pancake House (Pse|PCKH)
* Paxys (Pse|PAX)
* PCI Leasing & Finance (Pse|PCIL)
* Petroenergy Resources Corporation (Pse|PERC)
* Petron Corporation (Pse|PCOR)
* Philcomsat Holdings Corporation (Pse|PHC)
* Philex Mining Corporation (Pse|PX)
* Philippine Bank of Communications (Pse|PBC)
* Philippine Estates Corporation (Pse|PHES)
* Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company "Common" (Pse|TEL)
* Philippine National Bank (Pse|PNB)
* Philippine National Construction Corporation (Pse|PNC)
* Philippine Racing Club (Pse|PRC)
* Philippine Realty & Holdings Corporation (Pse|RLT)
* Philippine Savings Bank (Pse|PSB)
* Philippine Seven Corporation "Common" (Pse|SEVN)
* Philippine Telegraph & Telephone Corporation (Pse|PTT)
* Philippine Tobacco Flue-Curing & Redrying Corp. (Pse|TFC)
* Philippine Trust Company (Pse|PTC)
* Philweb Corporation (Pse|WEB)
* Phoenix Petroleum Philippines (Pse|PNX)
* Picop Resources (Pse|PCP)
* Pilipino Telephone Corporation (Pse|PLTL)
* PNOC Energy Development Corporation (Pse|EDC)
* PNOC Exploration Corporation (Pse2|PEC|PECB)
* Polar Property Holdings Corporation (Pse|PO)
* Premiere Entertainment Productions (Pse|PEP)
* Prime Gaming Philippines (Pse|PGPI)
* Prime Media Holdings, Inc (Pse|PRIM)
* Prime Orion Philippines (Pse|POPI)
* Primetown Property Group (Pse|PMT)
* Primex Corporation (Pse|PRMX)
* Pryce Corporation (Pse|PPC)


* Republic Cement Corporation (Pse|RCM)
* Republic Glass Holdings Corporation (Pse|REG)
* RFM Corporation (Pse|RFM)
* Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (Pse|RCB)
* Robinson`S Land Corporation (Pse|RLC)
* Roxas Holdings (Pse|ROX)

* San Miguel Corporation (Pse2|SMC|SMCB)
* San Miguel Properties (Pse|SMP)
* San Miguel Pure Foods Company (Pse2|PF|PFB)
* Sanitary Wares Manufacturing Corporation (Pse|SWM)
* Seafront Resources Corporation (Pse|SPM)
* Security Bank Corporation (Pse|SECB)
* Semirara Mining Corporation (Pse|SCC)
* Shang Properties (Pse|SHNG)
* Sinophil Corporation (Pse|SINO)
* SM Development Corporation (Pse|SMDC)
* SM Investments Corporation (Pse|SM)
* SM Prime Holdings (Pse|SMPH)
* Solid Group (Pse|SGI)
* South China Resources (Pse|SOC)
* Southeast Asia Cement Holdings (Pse|CMT)
* SPC Power Corporation (Pse|SPC)
* Splash Corporation (Pse|SPH)
* Sta. Lucia Land (Pse|SLI)
* Steniel Manufacturing Corporation (Pse|STN)
* Sun Life Financial Inc. (Pse|SLF)
* Suntrust Home Developers (Pse|SUN)
* Supercity Realty Development Corporation (Pse|SRDC)
* Swift Foods (Pse|SFI)


* Tanduay Holdings (Pse|TDY)
* The Philippine Stock Exchange (Pse|PSE)
* The Philodrill Corporation (Pse|OV)
* Trans-Asia Oil And Energy Development Corp. (Pse|TA)
* Transpacific Broadband Group International (Pse|TBGI)
* UEM Development Philippines (Pse|MK)


* Unioil Resources & Holdings Company (Pse|UNI)
* Union Bank of the Philippines (Pse|UBP)
* United Paragon Mining Corporation (Pse|UPM)
* Universal Rightfield Property Holdings (Pse|UP)
* Universal Robina Corporation (Pse|URC)
* Uniwide Holdings (Pse|UW)


* Victorias Milling Company (Pse|VMC)
* Vista Land & Lifescapes (Pse|VLL)
* Vitarich Corporation (Pse|VITA)
* Vivant Corporation (Pse|VVT)
* Vulcan Industrial & Mining (Pse|VUL)


* Waterfront Philippines (Pse|WPI)
* Wellex Industries (Pse|WIN)
* Wise Holdings (Pse2|WHI|WHIB)


* Zeus Holdings (Pse|ZHI)


* [ All Shares Index at the PSE official website]

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