Mountain Top Arboretum

Mountain Top Arboretum

The Mountain Top Arboretum (4 ha / 10 acres), located in Tannersville, New York, USA is 760 m (2500 ft) above sea level in New York's Catskill Mountains.

The Arboretum began in 1977 when Dr. and Mrs. E. H. Ahrens, Jr. planted part of their property as an arboretum and donated it to The Mountain Top Arboretum, Inc., incorporated in 1977 and declared tax exempt in 1979. Plantings of unusual and exotic trees and shrubs began in 1981.

The Arboretum currently contains 50 species of conifers, and many species of oak, maple, rowan, hawthorn, Rhododendron, Kalmia, and wildflowers. Other plantings include Turkish Fir, weeping katsura, Japanese Larch, Dawn Redwood, Bald cypress, Incense-cedar, Rocky Mountains Bristlecone Pine, goldenseal, ginseng, maidenhair fern, Hepatica, blue cohosh, flowering crabapples, fantail pussy willows, ash, viburnum, lilac, fringe tree, Fothergilla, daylilies, Clethra, Stewartia, bottlebrush buckeye, American holly, beeches and bayberry.

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