Mack Bryggeri

Mack Bryggeri

Infobox Brewery
name = AS L. Macks ølbryggeri og mineralvannsfabrikk

caption = Eastern building of the Mack Brewery seen from the south
location = Tromsø, Norway
owner = Independent
opened = 1877
active_beers =
seasonal_beers =
other_beers =

Mack Bryggeri (English: "Mack Brewery"; Norwegian official name: "AS L. Macks ølbryggeri og mineralvannsfabrikk") is a brewery in Tromsø, Norway. It was founded in 1877 by Ludvig Mack.

Northernmost status

Until December 10, 2000, Mack was the northernmost brewery in the world. This honour was then taken by Nordkapp Mikrobryggeri, a microbrewery in Honningsvåg, when that brewery produced its first beer, called "Sårry Makk" (phonetic Norwegian for "Sorry Mack" - a humorous name for the occasion). However, due to Mack's old traditions and nationwide distribution, Mack is regarded as a more proper brewery, and is thus often cited as the northernmost in the world, including the claim on Mack's beer bottles.



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