Lath Art

Lath Art

Lath Art is a form of woodworking Folk Art for making rustic pictures out of strips out of old "Lath" from "Plaster and Lath" walls. Today it is commonly made from lattice, lumber stickers and weathered lobster traps. Beach scenes and rural scenes are the most popular themes.

Lathart has a lot in common with Marquetry and Intarsia. They are all woodworking hobbies to make pictures out of sections of wood, but Intarsia and Marquetry use the wood grain as a design element, and Lathart uses the direction of the Lath stick and the colors of the stains as a desing element.

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* Parquetry
* Intarsia
* Tunbridge ware
* Woodworking
* Scroll Saw

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