Freeway Traffic Management System

Freeway Traffic Management System

Incident Detection algorithms have also been widely used throughout the COMPASS-enabled area of Southern Ontario, Canada. [ COMPASS] is the Freeway Traffic Management System (FTMS) run by the [ Ontario Ministry of Transportation] . Detectors are typically located as double-loop detectors embedded in the pavement every 500m along the province's major expressways. COMPASS-enabled highways include Highway 401 (one of the highest-volume highways in the world), as well as the Queen Elizabeth Way (or QEW), and Highway 417 (the Queensway) in Ottawa.

The primary algorithm used by the Ministry is known as the McMaster algorithm, designed by Professor Fred Hall of McMaster University, in Hamilton, Ontario.

Research on new algorithm developments and evaluations is performed at the [ ITS Centre and Testbed] (ICAT), at the Civil Engineering department of the University of Toronto. The ICAT is equipped with direct fibre-optic links to the Ministry of Transportation, and received both traffic camera and loop detector data on a live basis. Visual data can be used to confirm the presence of incidents detected by the various algorithms.

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* Electronic Monitoring and Advisory System - a similar type of system in Singapore
* Motorway Incident Detection and Automatic SignallingIt is essential to note that a false alarm for incident detection is not only highly undesirable, but seriously damages the confidence in the detection system. Therefore, a near 100% alarm accuracy is needed. This does not mean that 100% traffic parameter accuracy is required from the traffic sensors; however, the logical commands that analyze the change in traffic parameters need to be selected carefully in order to minimize the probability of false alarms yet detect all major incidents as well as a high percentage of all other incidents. Most importantly, confirmation of incident and evaluation of incident type by manual inspection of a video camera screen is probably the most significant incident detection technique.


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