Nickelodeon SLAM!

Nickelodeon SLAM!

Nickelodeon SLAM! was a block of programming aimed at boys aged 7-12 that aired on Nickelodeon Sunday afternoons from 4 to 6 featuring animated shows such as , Invader ZIM, Speed Racer, Nickelodeon Robot Wars, and later on, Super Duper Sumos. The block premiered in August 25,2002,and was cancelled soon after, although the individual shows still pop-up on the various Nickelodeon networks. The block's website still exists on, abandoned.

hows on SLAM

* Men in Black: The Series
* Invader ZIM
* Speed Racer - later moved to Nickelodeon GAS channel and eventually phased out and in May 2008 Nicktoons Network
* Robot Wars
* Butt Ugly Martians
* Super Duper Sumos

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