List of Hawaiian dishes

List of Hawaiian dishes

This is a list dishes found in Hawaiian cuisine.


* Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice, a common term used to describe one of the most common breakfasts of Hawaii. It is regionally popular to locals of Hawaiokinai. It includes linguiça (Portuguese sausage), eggs, and white rice. The McDonald's franchise in Hawaiokinai has adapted Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice and put it on their breakfast menu as a replacement to bacon, ham, and eggs.The Great Portuguese Sausage Shootout. The Tasty Island: Honolulu Food Blog. Retrieved 4 May 2008.] The breakfast is eaten by tens of thousands everyday in Hawaiokinai.Verify source|date=June 2008
* Hawaiian french toast


* Oxtail soup
* Saimin
* Phở
* Portuguese bean soup (sopa de feijao)
* Pig's feet soup


* Adobo
* Kalua pork
* Lau lau
* Portuguese sausage
* Spam musubi


* Bulgogi
* Loco Moco
* Pipikaula
* Sukiyaki


* Chicken katsu
* Chicken long rice
* Chicken luau
* Huli huli
* Shoyu chicken


* Baked onaga
* Baked opakapaka
* Fried mahimahi
* Lomilomi salmon
* Poke
* Sautéed ono
* Mahimahi in coconut milk
* Squid luau


* Puna goat cheese


* Bibimbap
* Fried rice

Vegetables and fruit

* Breadfruit cakes
* Green papaya salad
* Kimchi
* Macaroni salad
* Pohole fern salad
* Poi
* Taro cakes

Breads and pastries

* Andagi
* Portuguese sweet bread
* Malasada
* Mango bread
* Manapua


* Butter mochi
* Chantilly cake
* Halo halo
* Haupia
* Hawaiian shave ice
* Ko'elepalau
* Kulolo

Hawaiian cuisine ingredients

Fruits and vegetables:
* Avocado
* Azuki bean
* Banana
* Breadfruit
* Calrose rice
* Candlenut
* Carambola
* Coconut
* Coffee
* Fig
* Grape
* Guava
* Lemon
* Lilikoi
* Lime
* Lychee
* Mango
* Mochi rice
* Mountain apple
* Onion
* Orange
* Papaya
* Passion fruit
* Pineapple
* Poha
* Polynesian arrowroot
* Pomelo
* Soursop
* Strawberry
* Surinam Cherry
* Tamarind
* Ti
* Taro
* Watermelon
* Winged Beans

Fish and seafood:
* Goatfish (weke)
* Hawaiian grouper (Hapu'upu'u)
* Kajiki (A'u)
* Limpet ("Cellana exarata", "C. sandwichenis") ('opihi)
* Mahimahi
* Mantis Shrimp ("Harpio squilla") ('alo 'alo)
* Nairagi
* Nohu
* Crimson jobfish (opakapaka)
* Opihi
* Parrotfish (uhu)
* Saltwater eel
* Skipjack tuna (Aku)
* Wrasse or Sandfish ("Lepidaplois bilunulatus" or "L. modestus")
* Yellowfin tuna (Ahi)

Herbs and seasonings:
* Hawaiian chili pepper
* Hawaiian salt
* Inamona
* Kiawe
* Shoyu


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