Abushiri Revolt

Abushiri Revolt

The Abushiri Revolt was an a so-called insurrection in 1888-1889 by the Arab population of the areas of the East African coast which were granted (under protest) to Germany by the Sultan of Zanzibar in 1888. It was eventually suppressed by an Anglo-German blockade of the coast.

It was led by Abushiri ibn Salim al-Harthi, who gained the support of both the Arabs of the area and local tribes. Abushiri's father was an ethnic Arab and his mother a Galla. [http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m1310/is_1984_May/ai_3247487] . When Abushiri was finally betrayed to the Germans in December 1889 he was publicly hanged. It was not until early 1891 that the German commissioner in charge of quashing the rebellion could report back to Germany that it had been fully suppressed.


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