Kappa Alpha Society Alumni

Kappa Alpha Society Alumni

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Notable Member Key: Member Name, Chapter, Date Joined (not year of graduation)

Law and politics

Great Britain

Member of Parliament

*William Traven Aitken, University of Toronto, 1924. MP for Bury St. Edmonds 1950-1964. Died in office.


Prime Minister

*William Lyon Mackenzie King, University of Toronto, 1893. Prime Minister of Canada, 1921-1926, 1926-1930, and 1939-1945.

Members of Federal Parliament

*Ronald George Atkey, University of Western Ontario, 1960. MP for St. Paul's, 1972-1974, 1979-1980. Minister of Employment and Education.
*Loran Ellis Baker, McGill University, 1923. MP for Shelburne-Yarmouth-Clare, 1945-1949.
*Brooke Claxton, McGill University, 1919. MP for St. Lawrence-St. George, 1940-1954. Minister of Health. Minister of National Defense.
*William Herbert Jarvis, University of Western Ontario, 1950. MP for Perth-Wilmot, 1972-1984. National President of Progressive-Conservative Party.
*Denton Massey, University of Toronto, 1919. MP for Toronto-Greenwood, 1935-1946. Officer, Order of the British Empire, 1946.
*Dr. Wilfrid Laurier McDougald, McGill University. 1903. Canadian Senate 1926-1942.
*Walter George Mitchell, McGill University, 1899. MP for St. Antoine, 1921-1924.
*William Pate Mulock, University of Toronto, 1915. MP for York North, 1934-1945. Postmaster General of Canada, 1940-1945.
*Terrance P. O'Connor, University of Western Ontario, 1960. MP for Halton, 1972-1974.
*David Vaughan Pugh, University of Toronto, 1934. MP for Okanagan Boundary, 1958-1968.
*Robert Douglas George Stanbury, University of Western Ontario, 1949. MP for York-Scarborough, 1965-1977. Minister of National Revenue.
*Michael Holcombe Wilson, University of Toronto, 1955. MP for Etobicoke Centre, 1978-1993. Minister of State for International Trade, 1979-1980; Minister of Finance, 1984-1991; Minister of International Trade, 1991-1993; Minister of Industry, Science & Technology, 1991-1993. He introduced the unpopular Goods and Services Tax in 1990. Chancellor of University of Trinity College, Toronto, 200?-present. Appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2003. Appointed Canada's Ambassador to the United States, March, 2006.

Provincial Premiers

*Donald Ross Getty, University of Western Ontario, 1953. MLA for Strathcona West, 1967-1971; Edmonton West, 1971-1979; Stettler, 1989-1993. Premier of Alberta, 1985-1993. Officer of the Order of Canada, 1998 and recipient of the Alberta Order of Excellence, 1999.

Diplomatic Corps

*Robert Ramsay Fowler, McGill University, 1962. Deputy Minister for National Defense, 1986-1995. Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations, 1995-2000. President of the U. N. Security Council. Ambassador to Italy, 2000-Present.
*William Duncan Herridge, University of Toronto, 1905. Minister Plenipotentiary to the United States, 1931-1935. Mastermind of the Canadian version of the New Deal, 1935.
*Andrew George Latta McNaughton, McGill University, 1905. First Canadian Ambassador to the UN, 1950.
*Michael Holcombe Wilson, University of Toronto, 1955. Ambassador to the United States, March, 2006-present.
*Humphrey Hume Wrong, University of Toronto, 1911. Permanent Delegate to the League of Nations, 1937-1946. Ambassador to the United States, 1946-1953. Under Secretary of State for External Affairs, 1953-1954.

Member of Provincial Parliament (Ontario)

*Ian Thompson Strachan, University of Toronto, 1919. MPP for St. George, 1934-1943. Government Chief Whip, 1937-1943.

Member of the Legislative Assembly (Alberta)

*Donald Ross Getty, University of Western Ontario, 1953. See Canadian Politics and Law: Provincial Premiers

enior Provincial Courts

*Hugh Cragg Farthing, McGill University, 1909. Justice, Supreme Court of Alberta.
*Frederick Drummond Hogg, University of Toronto, 1897. Justice, Supreme Court of Ontario, 1935-1945. Justice, Ontario Court of Appeal, 1945-1957.
*Arthur Courtney Kingstone, University of Toronto, 1892. Justice, Ontario Supreme Court.
*Errol Malcolm McDougall, McGill University, 1900. Justice, Quebec Court of Appeal, 1942-1949.
*Philip Edward MacKenzie, University of Toronto, 1892. Justice, Saskatchewan Court of Appeals, 1827-1946.
*John Wilson Morden, University of Toronto, 1952. Justice, Ontario Court of Appeal, 1978-2003.
*Kenneth Gibson Morden, University of Toronto, 1928. Justice, Ontario Court of Appeal, 1957-.
*John Parker, University of Toronto, 1934. Justice, Territorial Court of the Yukon.

United States

Executive Branch

*William John Bennett, Williams College, 1962. U. S. Secretary of Education, 1985-1988 and Drug Czar, 1989-1990. Chairman, National Endowment for the Humanities, 1881-1985. Chairman, Republican National Committee.
*James Fowler Dwight, Williams College, 1845. Assistant U. S. Attorney in charge of final elimination of the slave trade, 1857.
*Francis Ellington Leupp, Williams College 1866. U. S. Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 1905-1909.
*Ganson Purcell, Williams College, 1924. Chairman, Security and Exchange Commission, 1942-1946.


*Thomas Allen, Union College, 1832. U.S. Representative from Missouri, 2nd District, 1881-1882 Railroad President. Built first railroad west of the Mississippi. (Died in office).
*Leander Babcock, Union College, 1828. U.S. Representative from New York, 23rd District, 1851-1853.
*Charles Lewis Beale, Union College, 1842. U.S. Representative from New York, 12th District, 1859-1861.
*Gabriel Bouck, Union College, 1846. Wisconsin State Attorney General, 1858-1860. U.S. Representative from Wisconsin, 6th District, 1877-1881.
*Edward Stuyvesant Bragg, Hobart College, 1844. Wisconsin State Senator 1868-1869. U.S. Representative from Wisconsin, 1877-1883 (5th District) and 1885-1887 (2nd District); U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, 1889-1902; U.S. Consul General in Havana, 1902-1903; U.S. Consul General in Hong Kong, 1903-1906 (resigned). See Armed Forces
*John M. Carroll, Union College, 1845. U.S. Representative from New York, 18th District, 1871-1873.
*Charles Tappan Dunwell, Cornell University, 1870. U.S. Representative from New York, 3rd District, 1903-1908 (Died in office).
*Rodney Frelinghuysen, Hobart College, 1969. New Jersey General Assembly, 1983-1994. U.S. Representative from New Jersey, 11th District, 1995-present.
*Lewis Henry, Cornell University, 1905. U.S. Representative from New York, 37th District, 1922-1923.
*Levi Augustus Mackey, Union College, 1835. U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania, 20th District, 1875-1879.
*Jesse O. Norton, Williams College, 1833. U.S. Representative from Illinois, 11th District, 1853-1857, 1863-1865.
*Edward Overton Jr., Princeton, 1854. U.S. Representative from Pennsylvania, 15th District, 1877-1881.
*Charles Edward Pearce, Union College, 1861. U.S. Representative from Missouri, 12th District, 1897-1901.
*Rufus Wheeler Peckham (1809-1873), Union College, 1826. U.S. Representative from New York, 14th District, 1853-1855; Justice of the New York Supreme Court, 1861-1869; Judge of the New York Court of Appeals, 1870-1873 (died in office).
*John Benedict Steele, Williams College, 1835. U.S. Representative from New York, 1861-65 (11th District 1861-63, 13th District 1863-65).

U.S. Senate

*James Dixon, Williams College, 1833. U.S. Representative from Connecticut, 1st District, 1845-1849; Connecticut State Senate, 1st District, 1849; U.S. Senator from Connecticut, 1857-1869.
*Preston King, Union College, 1826. U.S. Representative from New York, 18th District, 1843-1847, 1849-1853; U.S. Senator from New York, 1857-1863. Principal organizer of the Republican Party.

tate Legislative Leaders

*Samuel Bancrost Bird, Cornell University, 1917. Majority Leader of Delaware House of Representatives, 1944-1946.
*Gabriel Bouck, Union College, 1846. Speaker, Wisconsin Assembly.
*John Peter Jackson Jr, Princeton University, 1853. Speaker, New Jersey Assembly, 1863.
*Dr. Charles Abner Phelps, Union College, 1839. Speaker, Massachusetts House of Representatives, 1856. President, Massachusetts Senate, 1858.
*John Arnold Tibbits, Williams College, 1860. Speaker, Connecticut House of Representatives, 1886.


*Herbert James Hagerman, Cornell University, 1890. Second secretary, U.S. Embassy to Russia, 1898-1901; presented the Order of St. Anne (Russia) by the Czar, 1901; Governor of New Mexico Territory, 1906-07.
*Henry Martyn Hoyt, Williams College, 1849. Governor of Pennsylvania, 1879-83.
*Carlton George Skinner, Wesleyan University (as a local). Territorial Governor of Guam, 1949-1953.
*Wade Warren Thayer, Hobart College, 1891. Acting Governor of Hawaii. Attorney General of Hawaii. Territorial Secretary of Hawaii.
*Horace White, Cornell University, 1883. Member of the New York State Senate, 1896-1908; Lieutenant Governor of New York, 1909-1910; Governor of New York, 1910-1911.

tate and Territorial Executive Branches

*William Fessenden Allen, Williams College, 1848. Collector General of Customs, Kingdom of Hawaii, 1864-1883. Privy Council, Kingdom of Hawaii. Member, Advisory Council and Constitutional Convention, Republic of Hawaii.
*Gabriel Bouck, Union College, 1846. Attorney General of Wisconsin, 1858-1860.
*Rev. Fletcher John Hawley, Union College, 1838. President, Colonial Council of Danish West Indies (now U. S. Virgin Islands).
*Nelson K. Hopkins, Union College, 1841. Comptroller of New York, 1871-1875.
*Frederick Harvey Jackson, Cornell University, 1869. Lt. Governor of Rhode Island, 1904-1907.
*Abraham Lansing, Williams College, 1852. Treasurer of New York, 1974.
*Henry Rufus Pierson, Union College, 1843. Chancellor of the University of New York, 1881-1889.
*Edward VanBuren Regan, Hobart College, 1949. Comptroller of New York State, 1978-1993. President, Baruch College, 2000-2004.
*Clark Williams, Williams College, 1888. Superintendent of Banking of New York, 1907-1909. Comptroller o0f New York, 1909-1911.

U.S. Supreme Court

*Ward E. Hunt, Union College, 1828. Founder of the New York Republican Party, 1856. Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, 1872-1882.

enior State Courts

*James Denison Colt, Williams College, 1836. Justice, Supreme Court of Massachusetts, 1865-1866, 1868-1881.
*Francis Russell Edward Cornell, Union College 1840. Attorney General of Minnesota, 1868-1874. Justice, Supreme Court of Minnesota, 1875-1881.
*George Franklin Danforth, Union College, 1838. Justice, New York Court of Appeals, 1879-1889.
*John Augustine Dooley III, Union College, 1962. Justice, Supreme Court of Vermont.
*Hulbert Fellows Fairchild, Williams College, 1836. Justice, Supreme Court of Arkansas, 1860.
*Frank Harris Hiscock, Cornell University, 1871. Justice, New York Supreme Court, 1896-1906. Justice New York Court of Appeals, 1906-1926. Chief Judge of New York, 1916-1926. Chairman of the Board, Cornell University, 1917-1939.
*Levi Hubbell, Union College, 1825. Chief Justice of Wisconsin, 1853-1856.
*Ward E. Hunt, Union College, 1828. Chief Justice, New York Court of Appeals, 1865-1872.
*John Hanson Kennard, University of Virginia, 1857. Justice, Supreme Court of Louisiana 1870.
*Charles B. Lawrence, Union College, 1840. Chief Justice of Illinois, 1864-1873.
*Rufus Wheeler Peckham, Union College, 1826. Justice, Supreme Court of New York, 1859-1870. Justice, New York Court of Appeals, 1870-1873.
*John Knickerbocker Porter, Union College, 1835. Justice, New York Court of Appeals, 1864-1868.
*Algernon Sidney Randolph, Union College, 1828. Chief Justice of Mississippi.
*Clarence John Shearn, Cornell University, 1886. Justice, New York Appellate Division, 1916-1919.
*John Wells, Williams College, 1838. Justice, Supreme Court of Massachusetts, 1866-1875.

Armed Forces


*George Edwin Beament, Brigadier General (CAN), Appointed OBE and Recipient of Croix de guerre (avec palme); University of Toronto, 1929.
*Ian Hugh Cumberland, Brigadier General (CAN), Appointed OBE and Recipient of DSO; University of Toronto, 1927.
*Douglas Gordon Cunningham, Brigadier General (CAN), Appointed CBE, Recipient of DSO, ED and QC; University of Toronto, 1930.
*Andrew Eastman Duncanson, Brigadier General (CAN), Appointed CBE in 1946, Recipient of DSO, VD and three times MID; University of Toronto, 1907.
*Clarence Churchill Mann, Vice Chief of the General Staff, Canadian Army HQ, Appointed CBE, Recipient of DSO, Appointed Commander of the Order of Orange Nassau and Officer of the Legion of Merit; University of Toronto, 1923.
*Wilfrid Mavor, Brigadier General (CAN), Appointed CBE, Recipient of MC and ED; University of Toronto, 1919. Wounded four times and gassed during World War I.
*Harold French McDonald, General Officer (CAN), Commanding Military District No. 13 (Canada), Recipient of DSO, KCMG and the Order of St. Anne (Russia: 2nd Class with Swords); McGill University, 1903. Wounded at Ypres, 1914 and lost left arm at Pozieres, 1916.
*Andrew George Latta McNaughton, Lieutenant General (CAN), Recipient of PC, CH, CB, CMG, DSO, CD; McGill University, 1905. Chief of the General Staff, 1929-1935; Minister of National Defence 1944-1945 (resigned); First Canadian Ambassador to the UN, 1950. Wounded at Ypres 1915. Inventor of the "box barrage" artillery firing system, 1918 & the Cathode-ray direction finder (the forerunner to radar), 1926.
*Charles Alexander Phipps Murison, Major General (GB), Recipient of the MC and twice MID; McGill University, 1912. Wounded at Barakli Dzoma, 1917.
*Christopher Vokes, Major General (CAN); McGill University, 1926.
*Gordon Dorward deSalaberry Wotherspoon, Brigadier General (CAN), Recipient of DSO and Netherland's Bronze Lion.

United States

*Edward Clifford Anderson Jr, University of Virginia, 1857. Brigadier General, Confederate States Army.
*William B. Barton, Princeton, 1853. Brigadier General, Union Army.
*Josiah Grahme Bellows, Williams, 1860. Brigadier General, New Hampshire Militia.
*Edward Stuyvesant Bragg, Brigadier General (U.S.); Hobart College, 1844. See American Politics and Law: Congress
*Allen Fraser Clark Jr, Wesleyan University (as a local). Brigadier General, U. S. Army.
*Edward Peck Curtis, Williams College, 1914. Major General, U. S. Army Air Force, WW II. Chief of Staff, Strategic Air Force in Europe.
*Hasbrouck Davis, Williams College, 1842. Brigadier General, Union Army.
*Clinton Goodloe Edgar, Cornell University, 1893. Brigadier General, U. S. Army.
*John Scott Gilbert, Union College, 1833. Brigadier General, Louisiana Militia.
*Henry Martyn Hoyt, Williams College, 1849. Brigadier General, Union Army.
*James McCredie Irish, Rear Admiral (U.S.); Hobart College, 1903.
*Joseph Lovell, Williams, 1841. General, Confederate States Army.
*Ranald Slidell MacKenzie, Williams College, 1856. Major General, Union Army.
*James Brady Mitchell, Cornell University, 1891. Brigadier General, U. S. Army, WW I. Chief of Staff, U. S. Army Headquarters, London.
*Albert James Myer, Brigadier General (U.S.); Hobart College, 1845. "Father of Army Signal Corps" and founder of the U.S. Weather Bureau
*Amasa Junius Parker, Union, 1860. Major General, New York National Guard.
*Charles Eskridge Saltzman, Cornell University, 1920. Major General, U. S. Army, WW II. President, West Point Alumni Association. U. S. Assistant and Under Secretary of State.
*Daniel Schermerhorn Printup, Union College, 1845. Brigadier General, Confederate States Army.
*Jesse C. Smith, Brigadier General, Union Army.
*John Converse Starkweather, Union, 1846. Brigadier General, Union Army.
*Ebenezer Warren Sturdevant, Union College, 1828. Major General, Pennsylvania Militia.
*John Fondey Townsend, Union College, 1826. Major General, New York Militia.
*James Rufus Tryon, Rear Admiral (U.S.); Union College, 1855. See Medicine
*Guido Fridolin Verbeck Jr, Cornell University, 1933. Brigadier General, U. S. Marine Corps, WW II.
*Samuel Sumner Verbeck, Cornell University, 1934. Brigadier General, New York National Guard.
*Harry Richards Van Liew, Brigadier General (U.S. Marines); Hobart College, 1926.
*James Harrison Williams, University of Virginia, 1857. Brigadier General, Virginia Militia.



*Rev. Samuel McCrea Cavert, Union College, 1910. General Secretary, Federal Council of Churches, then National Council of Churches, 1921-1954. One of the principal organizers, World Council of Churches.
*Bishop Albert Arthur Chambers, Hobart College 1925. Episcopal Bishop of Springfield, Illinois. Organizer of conservative Anglican Church in North America and successor groups.
*Bishop William Bradfird Turner Hastings, Union College, 1938. Episcopal Bishop of Connecticut.
*Bishop Frederic Zadock Rooker, Union College, 1880. private Chamberlain to Pope Leo XIII.
*Bishop Gary Frederick Woolsey, University of Western Ontario, 1965. Anglican Bishop of Athabasca. National Director, Anglican Fellowship of Prayer.


*Alfred Amos Abbott, Union College, 1841. President, Peabody Institute.
*Samuel Rogers Adams, Wesleyan University (as a local). President, Moore's Hill College.
*Donald Kinney Angell, University of Pennsylvania, 1927. Secretary of the University of Pennsylvania, 1946-1951. Executive Vice President, University of Pennsylvania, 1956-.
*Dr. James Phinney Baxter III, Williams College, 1913. President, Williams College, 1937-1961. Winner of the 1947 Pulitzer Prize for History.
*Edgar Frederick Beckham, Wesleyan University (as a local). Associate Provost, Wesleyan University, 1969-1973. Dean of the College, Wesleyan University, 1973-1990. Chairman, Connecticut Board of Education, 1992-1995.
*Charles Wilfrid Brennan, Lehigh University, 1960. Dean of Lehigh University.
*Dr. Alan Emerson Cameron, McGill University, 1908. President, Nova Scotia Technical College, 1947-1957.
*Dr. Paul Ansel Chadbourne Williams College, 1846. President, University of Massachusetts, 1867 and 1882-1883. President, University of Wisconsin, 1868-1870. President, Williams College, 1872-1881.
*Dr. Charles Frederic Chandler, Union College, 1958. Organizer and first President of the American Chemical Society. President, New York College of Pharmacy, 1867-1898.
*Peter Clark, Union College, 1826. President, Washington College (MD), 1828-1831.
*Dr. David Copeland, Wesleyan University (as a local). President, Hillsboro College.
*Dr. Thomas Frederick (Tee Fee) Crane, Cornell University, 1868. Dean, Cornell University, 1896-1909. Acting President, Cornell University, 1899 and 1912.
*Amos Dean, Union College, 1826. Organizer Albany Medical College, 1838. Organizer, Albany Law School, 1851. President, Albany Law School, 1851-1868. Founder, Young Men's Association for the Mutual Improvement of Albany and the Albany Library.. Manager, Albany Normal School (now SUNY Albany). Founding President, University of Iowa, 1855-1859.
*Rev. Frederick Dean, Union College 1833. President, Poydras College, 1850-1851.
*Dr. Gordon Pryor Eaton, Wesleyan University (as a local). Provost and Academic Vice President, Texas A&M University, 1983-1986. President, Iowa State University, 1986-1990. Director, United States Geological Survey, 1994-1997.
*William D. Gurowitz, Cornell University, 1980. Director Chemistry Department, Cornell University, 1968-1971. Vice President for Campus Affairs, Cornell University, 1971-1990.
*John Cummings Hetherston, University of Pennsylvania, 1945. Secretary of the University of Pennsylvania, 1956-. Vice President for Planning, University of Pennsylvania.
*Rev. Telfair Hodgson, Princeton University, 1855. Vice-Chancellor (President), University of the South.
*Rev. Henry Hopkins, Williams College, 1856. President Williams College, 1902-1908.
*Thomas Hun, Union College, 1825. Organizer, Albany Medical College, 1838 and Professor 1839-1858.
*Rev. Francis Theodore Ingalls, Williams College, 1863. President Drury College, 1887-1892.
*Lewis Melvin Johnson, Williams College, 1857. President New Jersey State Normal School (now The College of New Jersey).
*Dr. Matias Ponce Perez, Wesleyan University (as a local). President, Cagayan Teachers College (Philippine Islands), 1948-1980.
*Rev. Joshua Phelps, Union College, 1833. President Alexander College, 1853-1857.
*Rev. Eliphalet Nott Potter, Union College, 1858. President, Union College 1871-1884. President, Hobart College, 1884-1896. President, Cosmopolitan University.
*Rev. Villeroy Dibble Reed, Union College, 1833. President, Alexander College, 1857-1861.
*Edward VanBuren Regan, Hobart College, 1949. President, Jerome Levy Economics Institute, 1993-2000. President, Baruch College, 2000-2004.
*Rev. William Charles Roberts, Princeton University, 1853. President, Lake Forest University, 1886-1892. President, Central University of Kentucky, 1898-1903.
*Dr. Robert A. Rosenbaum, Wesleyan University (as a local). Dean of the Sciences, Wesleyan University, 1963-1965. Provost, Wesleyan University, 1965-1970. Academic Vice President, Wesleyan University, 1967-1970. Acting President, Wesleyan University, 1970. Chancellor, Wesleyan University, 1970-1973. Chairman, Project to Increase Mastery of Mathematics and Science (PIMMS).
*Dr. Charles Jones Ashmead Schaeffer, Union College, 1865. President Iowa State University, 1887-1898.
*Rev. Laurenus Clark Seelye, Union College, 1855. First President, Smith College, 1873-1910.
*James Leonard Thayer, University of Western Ontario, 1954. President Neuchatel Junior College (Switzerland).
*James Etherington Trimble, Williams College 1854. President, Farmersville College, 1859-1862.
*Rev. Edward Jefferson Willis, Williams College, 1840. Founding President, Alderson-Broaddus College 1876-1887. President Shelby College, 1887.
*Rev. Leonard Woods, Union College, 1826. President, Bowdoin College, 1839-1866.


*James Collip, University of Western Ontario, 1948. Discoverer of cortisone and co-discoverer of insulin. Chairman, Canadian Research Council. Shared John James Richard Macleod portion of the 1923 Nobel Prize for medicine.
*William Lawerence Estes Jr., Lehigh University, 1901. President of the American College of Surgeons, 1957-1958.
*James Rufus Tryon, Union College, 1855. Surgeon General of the U.S. Navy 1893-1899 (retired). See Armed Forces
*Nathan Bristol Van Etten, Cornell University, 1885. President, American Medical Association.

ciences and Engineering

*Frederic Walker (Casey) Baldwin, University of Toronto, 1900. As member of Alexander Graham Bell's Aerial Experiment Association made the first public flight in American aviation on March 12, 1908. Director, Graham Bell Labs.
*Charles Brady King, Cornell University, 1887. Designer of the pneumatic hammer. Designer of first automobile in Detroit.
*John Alexander Douglas McCurdy, University of Toronto, 1902. Aviator with Alexander Graham Bell's Aerial Experiment Association. Organizer of the Canadian aviation industry. Lieutenant Governor, Nova Scotia.
*Lewis Henry Morgan, Union College, 1839. "Father of the Science of Anthropology" Morgan's theories of historical development were the basis for Marx and Engels (according to Marx and Engels). President, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1879.

Arts and humanities

*Oliver Bronson Capen, Hobart College, 1898. Publisher and author.
*Hume Cronyn, McGill University, 1930. Actor. Was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1944.
*Thomas Jefferson Farnham, Union College, 1831. Leader of one of the earliest overland expeditions to explore the American West. His books were influential in opening the Oregon Trail and California.
*Nathan Fillion University of Alberta, 1994 - Saving Private Ryan, Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, One Life to Live, Lost.
*Theodore Gilman, Williams College, 1858. From 1898 to 1908 presented the plans that Congress adopted to establish the Federal Reserve Banking System.
*Fitz Hugh Ludlow, Union College, 1856. Author and editor.
*Raymond Hart Massey, University of Toronto, 1914. Actor. Was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1940.
*Christopher McDonald, Hobart College, 1977. Has acted in over 85 films along with numerous television and theater productions, commonly known for his character "Shooter McGavin" in Happy Gilmore (1996).
*Ronald D. Moore, Cornell University, 1984. Writer and Producer of TV and film. Notably Star Trek and the remake of Battlestar Galactica. Two-time winner of Hugo Award for Excellence in Science Fiction.
*Earl A. Powell III, Williams College, 1963. Currently the Director of the National Gallery of Art, in Washington, DC.
*Archibald Rutledge, Union College, 1905. Poet-laureate of South Carolina, author of Home by the River.
*Naren K. Shankar, Cornell University, 1981. Writer/Editor/Producer for television. Science Consultant, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Writer/Editor, Star Trek: Next Generation. Writer, The Outer Limits and Farscape. Executive Producer, CSI. Winner Emmy Award. Nominee for two additional Emmy Awards. Winner, Writers' Guild of Canada Award.
*Leland Stowe, Wesleyan University (as a local). Pulitzer Prize for Journalism, 1930. Runner-up for a second Pulitzer in 1940, as war correspondent in WW II.
*Dr. Lawrence Rogers Thompson, Wesleyan University (as a local). 1971 Pulitzer Prize for Biography of Robert Frost. Professor of English, Princeton University.
*John Kirk Train Varnedoe, Williams College, 1964. Former Chief Curator of painting and sculpture, Museum of Modern Art, New York City, 1988-2001. Was dubbed “the most powerful man in the modern art world,” by Newsweek before his death in 2003.
*David Wilson, Union College, 1838. Author. His "Autobiography of Solomon Northrup" was second only to "Uncle Tom's Cabin", in popularizing the anti-slavery movement.
*James N. Wood, Williams College, 1960. Former President and Director of the Art Institute of Chicago, 1980-2004.


*Adolf Coors III, Cornell University, 1934. Executive Coors Brewing.
*Joseph Coors, Cornell University, 1936. Executive, Coors Brewing.
*Verschoyle Philip Cronyn, University of Western Ontario, 1948. Former Director of John Labatt Ltd. Chancellor of the University of Western Ontario, 1961-1967. Brother of Hume Cronyn and cousin of Arthur Labatt.
*Arthur Labatt, McGill University, 1953. Founder of Trimark Investment Management, currently the Chancellor of the University of Western Ontario and Officer of the Order of Canada in 1996.
*Jervis Langdon Jr, Cornell University, 1923. General Consel, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 1956-1961. President, Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 1961-1964. President, Rock Island Railroad, 1964-1970. President Penn Central Railroad, 1970-1976. Trustee, Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) Estate.
*William "Bill" Scandling, Hobart College, 1946. Founder of the college meal plan, at one time was the king of the food service industry, and founder of Saga Corporation (sold to Marriott Corp., 1986).
*Augustus Schell, Union College, 1830. Railroad magnate and the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, 1860 and 1872-1876


*Donald Ross Getty, University of Western Ontario, 1953. Canadian Football League, 1955-1960.
*John Douglas Gray, University of Western Ontario, 1950. Canadian Football League, 1951-1955.
*Merle Amerson Gulick, Hobart College, 1927. All-American in Football and Lacrosse. College Football Hall of Fame. Chairman, Hobart and William Smith Colleges Board of Trustees, 1950-1961.
*Rev. Donald Bruce MacDonald, University of Toronto, 1892. President Canadian Amateur Athletic Union, 1919-1921. Chairman Board of Governors, University of Toronto, 1906-1941.
*Douglas Albert MacKenzie, University of Western Ontario, 1957. Canadian Football, 1959.
*Richard William Duncan Pound, McGill University, 1957. Former Olympic athlete (1960); Gold, Silver and Bronze medalist at the 1962 Commonwealth Games; Canadian champion (1958, 1960, 1961 and 1962); Secretary General of the Canadian Olympic Committee, 1968-1976; President of the Canadian Olympic Committee, 1977-1982; International Olympic Committee member (IOC), 1978-present; Vice-President of the IOC, 1987-1991 and 1996-2000; Chairman of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), 1999-present; Chancellor of McGill University, 1999-present; Officer of the Order of Canada, 1992 and Officer of the National Order of Quebec, 1993.
*Dr. Ted Nicholas Roman, University of Western Ontario, 1955. Canadian Football League, 1959.
*David B. Sapunjis, University of Western Ontario, 1989. CFL Stampeders, 1990-1997. All-Canadian All-Stars. Most Valuable Canadian in Three Grey Cups.
*Clinton Randolph Wyckoff, Cornell University, 1892. All-American in Football, 1895. College Football Hall of Fame.

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