List of Georgian princely families

List of Georgian princely families

This is the alphabetic list of the upper class noble houses of Georgia. They were entitled as tavadi ( _ka. თავადი), roughly translated in English as "prince" and in Russian as "knyaz", a title which was eventually conferred upon most of these families under the Imperial Russian rule (1801-1917). __NOTOC__


*Arghutashvili (Mkhargrdzeli-Argutashvili, Argutinsky-Dolgorukov)


*Bebutov (Bebutashvili)






*Eristavi of Aragvi
*Eristavi of Guria
*Eristavi of Ksani
*Eristavi of Racha
























*Sharvashidze (Shervashidze)
*Sidamon-Eristavi (Sidamonidze, Sidomonishvili)


*Tarkhnishvili (Tarkhan-Mouravi)






* [ Georgian genealogy]
* [ Princely Georgian families]

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