Shear strain

Shear strain

Shear strain is a strain that acts parallel to the face of a material that it is acting on. Normal strain acts perpendicular to the face of that it is acting on. There are two ways to interpret shear strain: the average shear strain and the engineering shear strain. The variable used to denote average shear strain is epsilon , while gamma , denotes engineering shear strain.

Consider an infinitesimal rectangle in the xy plane subject to shear strain. The rectangle becomes a parallelogram where alpha , is the displacement from the y axis in the x direction and delta , is the displacement from the x axis in the y direction. The average shear strain is

:epsilon_{xy} = 0.5 (alpha + delta ) = epsilon_{yx} ,

Definition of engineering shear strain

:gamma = epsilon_{xy} + epsilon_{yx} = 2 epsilon_{xy} ,:gamma = alpha + delta = heta - eta ,

where: heta , is the angle before deformation and :eta , is the angle at that same point after deformation.

Therefore gamma , describes the total deformation.

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