Hole or Holes may refer to:
* a confined lack of structure in some part of an object
* an individual section of a golf course
* Black hole, an object with an immense gravitational field
** White hole, the time reversal of a black hole
* Electron hole, in physics and electronics, the absence of an electron in the valence band.
* News hole
* Ozone hole, in climate and environmental sciences, a large and seasonal decrease in stratospheric ozone over Earth's polar regions since the late 1970's (see ozone depletion, too).
* Punchhole, for filing paper
* Hole cards in Poker
* Memory hole, which has multiple meanings
* Portable hole, a device used in animated cartoons and games
* Hole (football), a region or position in a football team formation
* In horse racing, a horse's post position in the starting gate
* Shortened form of "hollow", meaning a valley
* "The hole", a slang term for solitary confinement

In arts:
* "Holes" (novel), a novel by Louis Sachar
** "Holes" (film), a 2003 movie based on the novel
** "Holes" (play), a play written by Louis Sachar based on the novel
* Hole (band), a musical group formed by Courtney Love and Eric Erlandson, disbanded in 2002
* "Hole" (album), an album by Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel
* "Hole" (Merzbow album), an album by Merzbow
* "Hole" (EP), an EP by 65daysofstatic
* "Holes" (song), a song by Mercury Rev on their 1998 album "Deserter's Songs"
* "Hole", a song by Kelly Clarkson on her 2007 album "My December"

In places:
* Hole, Norway, a municipality in Buskerud, Norway
* Hole (River), a feature of Whitewater rivers

ee also

* Ace in the Hole
* Fire in the hole
* Hole in one
* In the hole
* Toad in the hole
* Hole in the wall

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