Reason (disambiguation)

Reason (disambiguation)

Reason is the ability of the human mind to form and operate on concepts in abstraction, in an ordered and usually a goal-oriented manner.

Reason may also refer to:

* Reason (argument), in argumentation consisting of a premise or co-premises
* Reason (software), a digital music workstation program
* The Reason Foundation, a public policy think tank based in Los Angeles, California


* "Reason" (magazine), a monthly libertarian magazine published by the Reason Foundation
* "Reason" (short story) (1941), a science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov
* Reason (weapon system), a fictional weapon system from Neal Stephenson's novel "Snow Crash"


* Reason (software), a digital music workstation program
* "Reason" (single), a song by Nami Tamaki
* "Reason" (Shaaman album), an album by Brazilian power metal band Shamaan
* "Reason" (Officium Triste album), an album by doom metal band Officium Triste
* "Reason" (Melanie C album), an album by singer Melanie C
* "Reason" (song), a song by German pop band No Angels
* "Reason" EP, an EP by alternative rock band The Fray

See also

* Reasoning
* The Reason (disambiguation)
* Reasons (disambiguation)

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