List of isotopes

List of isotopes

A table of chemical elements ordered by atomic number and color coded according to type of element. Given is each element's name, element symbol, atomic mass (or most stable isotope), and in some cases a list of isotopes with their own article.

The name of the element links to an article about isotopes of that element, and the symbol links to the main article about the element.

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* Index to isotope pages
* Isotope lists
* Table of nuclides
* Table of nuclides (combined)



*Atomic Weights of the Elements 2001, [ Pure Appl. Chem. 75(8), 1107-1122, 2003] . Retrieved June 30, 2005. Atomic weights of elements with atomic numbers from 1-109 taken from this source.
* [ IUPAC Standard Atomic Weights Revised] (2005).
* [ WebElements Periodic Table] . Retrieved June 30, 2005. Atomic weights of elements with atomic numbers 110-116 taken from this source.

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