In music, the term tessitura (Italian for "texture") generally describes the most musically acceptable and comfortable timbre for a given voice or, less frequently, musical instrument; the range in which a given type of voice presents its best-sounding texture or timbre. This broad definition is often interpreted to refer specifically to the pitch range that most frequently occurs within a given piece, or part, of music. For example, throughout the entirety of Wagner's Ring, the music written for the role of Siegfried ranges from C#3 to C5, but the tessitura is described as high because the tenor phrases are most often in the range of C4 to A4.

In musical notation, "tessitura" is the range of notes implied by a clef.

Melodic contour may also be considered to be an important aspect of vocal "tessitura".

The "tessitura" concept addresses not merely a range of pitches but as well the arrangement of those pitches. Tessitura considerations include these factors: proportion of sudden or gradual rises and falls in pitch - speed of pitch changes; the relative number of very high or low notes; whether lines and phrases of music in the piece tend to rise or fall – the muscular abilities of a singer may be more suited to one or the other direction.

Although frequently ignored in discourses on tessitura, the volume (loudness) level which a singer is required to maintain for dramatic effect will often have an effect on which 'fach' (voice category) or tessitura in which he or she may specialise. For example a lyric tenor may have the vocal range to sing Wagner or other dramatic roles, but to maintain the loudness required for dramatic intensity over the span of an opera performance could either inflict vocal damage or be simply beyond the innate ability. Verdi's Othello is a good example of the need for a voice capable of substantial power throughout the length of a performance of the opera.

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