Fascism in Canada

Fascism in Canada

Fascism in Canada consisted of a variety of movements and political parties in Canada during the twentieth century. Largely a fringe ideology, fascism has never commanded a large following amongst the Canadian people and was most popular during the Great Depression (see Great Depression in Canada). The largest and most influential Canadian fascist movements included [http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com/index.cfm?PgNm=TCE&Params=A1ARTA0002736] :

* The Canadian Union of Fascists - Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba and modeled on Oswald Mosley's British Union of Fascists.
* Parti national social chrétien - Based in Quebec and founded by Adrien Arcand the so-called "Canadian Führer".
* National Unity Party - Arcand's attempt to create a pan-Canadian fascist party.
* Canadian Nationalist Party - A Western Canadian fascist party that later joined with others to form the National Unity Party.

Most Canadian fascist leaders were interred at the outbreak of World War 2 and in the post-war period, fascism never recovered its former small influence.

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