Everclear (alcohol)

Everclear (alcohol)

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name = Everclear
type = Neutral grain spirit
abv = 95.0% or 75.5%
proof = 190 or 151
manufacturer = Luxco
distributor =
origin = United States
introduced =
discontinued =
color = colorless
flavour = neutral, contains no flavoring
variants =
related =

Everclear is a brand of neutral grain spirit that is available at concentrations of 75.5% alcohol (151 proof) and 95% alcohol (190 proof), [ [http://www.luxco.com/public/brands/specs/specification.asp?brandid=21&brandname=EVERCLEAR luxco.com (brands)] ] in contrast to hard liquors such as rum and vodka, which typically contain 40%–60% alcohol (80–120 proof).

Since 95.6% ethanol and 4.4% water form an azeotrope (meaning that simple distillation cannot remove any of the remaining water), 191-proof spirits are the maximum proof that is available from the distilled beverage industry.

Everclear is manufactured by Luxco (formerly the David Sherman Company). [ [http://www.luxco.com/public/company/pres.html luxco.com (company)] ]

Availability in market areas

Because of its high alcohol content, Everclear is illegal, unavailable, or hard to find in many areas.

It is illegal to sell the 190-proof variety in some states of the United States, viz.: California, Florida, Hawaii,Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, [ [http://ros.leg.mn/bin/getpub.php?pubtype=STAT_CHAP_SEC&year=current&section=340A.506&image.x=19&image.y=10&
] Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington. In some of these states, the 151-proof variety may be sold.

In Canada, it is sold in Alberta but not in Saskatchewan.


Everclear is commonly added to a variety of other drinks, such as soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juice, and iced tea. Everclear is also occasionally used in place of vodka, rum or other 80-proof spirits in Jello shots.

Everclear is also used in cooking because alcohol extracts flavors exceptionally well. It is used to make custom liqueurs such as rosé or limoncello. It is infused with fruit and then diluted with simple syrup to 30% alcohol (60 proof).

Everclear in popular culture

Everclear is featured in Minnesota humorist Garrison Keillor's book Lake Wobegon Days; in one scene, a housewife throws her husband's cup of coffee on a kitchen fire to douse it, whereupon the beverage bursts into flames. She later finds a bottle of "Everclear" labeled "DON'T THROW OUT" under the kitchen sink, and correctly surmises that her husband had put a shot in his coffee.

The 1998 release of Texas Country musician Roger Creager’s album, 'Having Fun All Wrong', included 'The Everclear Song', which pays homage to 'the invisible intoxicant'. The song's popularity spread quickly across Texas university towns, making the song a regional standard and having a high-profile impact on the developing Texas Country sub-genre of country music.

Everclear is referenced in the film version of Hedwig and the Angry Inch in a flashback scene where the character Tommy asks Hedwig if she is drunk, to which she replies, "No, just enjoying some rainwater and everclear." This drink combination is an allusion to Jack D. Ripper from the film Dr. Strangelove.

In , Matt Stifler spikes the camp's fruit punch with several bottles of "Cannon Rum" to seduce the band. However, "Cannon Rum" is a fictional brand, and was an obvious spoof of "Everclear", as it was marked 200 proof and had the infamous corn ear on it.

ee also

*Corn liquor
*Jello shots
*Jungle juice
*Rectified spirit

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* [http://www.luxco.com/ Luxco website]
* [http://www.drinksmixer.com/desc494.html More Information]


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