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Hematosalpinx (sometimes also hemosalpinx) is a medical condition involving bleeding into the fallopian tubes.


A number of causes may account for a hematosalpinx, by far the most common being a tubal pregnancy. Blood may also escape into the peritoneal cavity leading to a hemoperitoneum.A hematosalpinx can also be associated with endometriosis or tubal carcinoma. Further, if menstrual blood flow is obstructed (cryptomenorrhea),caused for instance by a transverse vaginal septum, and gets backed up it may lead to a hematosalpinx.


A hematosalpinx from a tubal pregnancy may be associated with pelvic pain and uterine bleeding. A gynecologic ultrasound will show the hematosalpinx. A hematosalpinx from other conditions may be painless but could lead to uterine bleeding.


Treatment is directed at the underlying condition and usually surgical.

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