Break In The Seal

Break In The Seal

Break In The Seal is a photographic exhibition by two of the United Kingdom's most talented black artists: Pogus Caesar, born in St Kitts, and Vanley Burke from Jamaica. Both came to the United Kingdom from the West Indies as children. They have spent most of their lives in Birmingham, where they were educated and now work.

Vanley Burke's concentrates on documenting the everyday life of the community around him. Whilst Pogus Caesar's is a Pointillist artist, it is Caesar's recent interest in photography which has forged together their individual talents into a partnership which has seen the production of this exhibition - almost rivalling the reality they reflect.

As artist. photographer and members of the black community, they choose not so much to identify with their community, as to be an integral part of it.

The photographs they are exhibiting in "Break In The Seal" provides us with alternative views of two cities, New York, USA and Birmingham, England. The images of New York are taken by Pogus Caesar in the tough areas of Bronx, Brooklyn, Harlem and Queens, Vanley Burke's photographs are of Handsworth, an inner city area of Birmingham.

"Break In The Seal", Photographs by Pogus Caesar and Vanley Burke. 23 Aug - 21 Sept 1986 Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Jordan Well, Coventry, England.

Ex Ref: Pogus Caesar photographs of New York / OOM Gallery

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