List of recurring and minor Coronation Street characters

List of recurring and minor Coronation Street characters

"Coronation Street" is an award-winning UK soap opera created by Tony Warren, produced by Granada Television and aired by ITV. It first broadcast on Friday 9 December 1960, and is consistently one of the highest-rated programmes on British television. [cite web|first=Broadcasters' Audience Research Board LTD|title=Terrestrial Top 30

format=Website||accessdate = 2007-03-08
] The programme features an ensemble cast of characters, comprised for the most part of residents of the fictional Coronation Street, located in Weatherfield, a fictional town in Salford, Greater Manchester. [Little. p.93.] Recurring and minor characters in the show are often children of the Street's residents, or friends, relatives, lovers or antagonists introduced to the show for a single specific storyline.


Amy Barlow

Infobox soap character
name = Amy Barlow
series = Coronation Street
portrayer = Rebecca Pike ( -June 2005)
Louisa Morris (July-October 2005)
Madison Hampson (October 2005 - March 2006)
Amber Chadwick (April 2006- )
first = 9 February 2004
born = 9 February 2004
residence = Rovers Return Inn
parents = Steve McDonald
Tracy Barlow
grandparents = Jim McDonald
Ray Langton
Liz McDonald
Deirdre Barlow
aunts/uncles = Andy McDonald
Katie McDonald

Amy Barlow, played by Amber Chadwick, is the daughter of Steve McDonald and Tracy Barlow. She was originally called Patience by Roy Cropper, who had been deceived into believing she was his daughter, however her name was changed back to Amy when it was discovered Tracy had fabricated her daughter's paternity, having falsely claimed to have drugged and slept with Roy. Upon discovering her pregnancy, Tracy had decided to pretend the baby was Roy's, as she felt it would be easier to manipulate him than Steve. Initially, Tracy agreed to give her daughter to Roy and his transsexual wife Hayley in exchange for money. Amy lived with the Croppers for a few weeks, until Steve married Karen Phillips and Tracy confessed the truth. She then took her baby back and renamed her Amy.

Steve initially wanted nothing to do with his daughter, as he felt it could jeopardise his future with new wife Karen. However, when he and Karen broke up, Steve grew to love Amy and did everything he could to be a proper father to her, even getting together with Tracy for a while. Tracy loved Steve but her feelings were not reciprocated. As Steve and Tracy were unmarried when Amy was born, Steve wanted to sign for joint parental responsibility before breaking up with Tracy, as he feared she would try to take Amy away from him. However, Tracy guessed his plan, and they split up. Tracy went as far as to frame Steve for kidnap, but a court ruled that he should be given parental responsibility and see his daughter.

When Tracy was convicted for the murder of boyfriend Charlie Stubbs in April 2007, Amy went to live with Steve in the Rovers Return Inn. She now lives with Steve, grandmother Liz McDonald, Steve's girlfriend Michelle Connor, and Michelle's teenage son Ryan.

imon Barlow

Infobox soap character
name = Simon Barlow
series = Coronation Street
portrayer = Alexander Bain
first = October 2008
born = 2003
parents = Peter Barlow
Lucy Richards
grandparents = Ken Barlow
Valerie Barlow
aunts/uncles = Susan Barlow
Daniel Osbourne
cousins = Adam Barlow

Simon Barlow will be played by Alexander Bain, and will arrive in October 2008. He is the five-year-old son of Peter Barlow who will arrive when his father, Peter returns to take over the bookies on Rosamund Street. His mother is Lucy Richards, who will hand Peter Simon due to her of dying of cancer. After not knowing much about kids, Peter moves in with father Ken and step mother Deirdre, and nearly gives his son away drunkenly in the Rovers Return. [] [] []


Julie Carp

Infobox soap character
name = Julie Carp
series = Coronation Street
portrayer = Katy Cavanagh
first = 25 April 2008
occupation = Machinist at Underworld
residence = 5 Coronation Street
romances = Kirk Sutherland

Julie Carp, played by Katy Cavanagh, made her first onscreen appearance on 25 April 2008, [cite web|url=|title=Julie Carp|] as the new girlfriend of established character Kirk Sutherland. A "Coronation Street" insider revealed; “Kirk’s had a pretty tough time of late, but he’s finally found a kindred spirit in Julie.” [cite web|url=|title=Coronation Street Kirk falls in love] Julie initially clashed with Kirk's ex-girlfriend Fiz Brown, however the two are now good friends. Julie moved in with Kirk, Fiz and Chesney, and found a job at Underworld.

On 3 September Julie admitted that she has had two previous engagement and a disastrous marriage before she met Kirk.

Barry Connor

Infobox soap character
name = Barry Connor
series = Coronation Street
portrayer = Frank Grimes
first = 4 February 2008
spouse = Helen Connor
children = Michelle Connor
Liam Connor
Paul Connor
grandchildren = Alex Neeson
Paul Connor Jr.
nieces/nephews = Tom Kerrigan

Barry Connor, played by Frank Grimes, first appeared in February 2008 along with his wife, Helen, and nephew, Tom, to attend his son, Liam's marriage to Maria Sutherland. He is set to return to the street in October to attend Liam's funeral, after he is murdered by Tony Gordon.

Helen Connor

Infobox soap character
name = Helen Connor
series = Coronation Street
portrayer = Sorcha Cusack
first = 4 February 2008
spouse = Barry Connor
children = Michelle Connor
Liam Connor
Paul Connor
grandchildren = Alex Neeson
Paul Connor Jr.
nieces/nephews = Tom Kerrigan

Helen Connor, played by Sorcha Cusack, first appeared in February 2008 along with her husband, Barry and nephew, Tom, to attend his son Liam's wedding to Maria Sutherland. She is set to return to the street in October to attend Liam's funeral, after he is murdered by Tony Gordon.

Ryan Connor

Infobox soap character
name = Ryan Connor
series = Coronation Street
portrayer = Ben Thompson
first = 30 August 2006
born = 14 January 1992
residence = Rovers Return Inn
parents = Nick and Wendy Neeson (biological)
Michelle Connor and Dean (Legal)

Ryan Connor, played by Ben Thompson, [cite web|url=|title=Ryan Connor|] is the son of Michelle Connor. It was discovered in 2008 that he had been swapped at birth, and is the biological son of Nick and Wendy Neeson. [cite web|url=|title=Michelle in tot mix-up|publisher="Daily Star"] He attends Weatherfield High.

In December 2006, Ryan was caught by Norris Cole vandalising the Kabin. Michelle made him help in the Kabin every night after school for a week. For a time, Michelle dated Sonny Dhillon. After they broke up, Ryan went joyriding in Sonny's car. He was caught by the police, though later released. When he returned to the Street, his uncle Paul smacked him across the face. The reason for this was later revealed to be that Paul caused the demise of Ryan's late father, Dean, due to careless driving. In an episode several months later, Paul died in a car accident after kidnapping Leanne Battersby.

Throughout December 2007, Ryan was stalked by a mysterious stranger who knew him by name. When tracked down, the man, Nick Neeson, explained that he believed Ryan to be his real son, and his own son Alex to be Michelle's after a baby mix-up at the hospital. [cite web|url=|title=Corrie's Michelle in baby swap storyline|publisher=Digital Spy] A DNA test later confirmed this to be the case. Nick wrote Ryan a letter in which he told him he was sorry for stalking him and hoped he understood why he had to see him. Ryan tore it up before reading it and Michelle picked up the pieces. Inside was a picture of Ryan just after he was born with Nick and Wendy.

Ryan moved in with his uncle and aunt, Liam and Maria Connor in February 2008, feeling excluded because Alex was living with Michelle. After Alex moved out in March, Ryan moved back in. Ryan continues to see Nick on occasion.


Wiki Dankowska

Infobox soap character
color=#F0E68C|series=Coronation Street
name = Wiki Dankowska
first = 26 February 2007
born = 1968
children = Son, in Poland
occupation = Machinist at Underworld
portrayer = Wanda Opalinska

Wiki Dankowska (IPA: [vɪ.kɪ dæn.kaʊ.skæ] ), played by Wanda Opalinska, made her first appearance on 26 February 2007 as a new employee of Carla Connor at the Underworld factory. As a Polish immigrant, she was paid less than other employees, and they became concerned that their pay would be affected by this. She was bullied by Joanne Jackson and Janice Battersby, but Hayley Cropper secured her equal pay for her from Liam Connor. She is the only factory worker to have seen Kasia Barowicz fall and die in the factory during an illegal shift. Paul, Carla and Liam covered up Kasia's death until 8:00am the following morning, when the death would be covered by their insurance. Wiki went along with this when Carla told her that if they didn't do this, Kasia's family would get no compensation money. Wiki has a son back home in Poland, aged 21, and she is working in Underworld to support him. She has since started her own business selling underwear.


Pam Hobsworth

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name = Pam Hobsworth
first = 16 July 2008
spouse = Jeff Hobsworth (estranged husband)
siblings = Diggory Compton (brother)
nieces/nephews = Molly Compton
portrayer = Kate Anthony
occupation = Saleswoman

Pam Hobsworth (neé Compton), played by Kate Anthony, made her first appearance on 16 July 2008 as established character Molly Compton's aunt. Her arrival was first announced in April 2008. [cite web|url=|publisher=Digital Spy|title=Jackie Dobbs, John Stape to return to Corrie] Pam was introduced in July 2008, seen as a stranger selling ham to Blanche Hunt in the Rovers Return Inn. When Molly arrived at the pub, they recognised each other instantly. On 25 July 2008, Pam extravagantly bought Molly's boyfriend Tyrone Dobbs a Fabergé egg to use to propose to Molly. Pam told Jack Duckworth, Molly, and Tyrone that she could leave if she'd worn out her welcome, but they insisted she stay. Pam had led them to believe her husband had died, but confided in Molly that he'd thrown her out for having an affair with the renderer. Pam convinced Tyrone that Molly wanted a lavish wedding, and began teaching him how to make more money. She entered into a small row with Tyrone's mother Jackie after she upset Molly and Tyrone.


Amber Kalirai

Infobox soap character
name = Amber Kalirai
series=Coronation Street
first = 9 November 2005
residence = Victoria Court
born = 1990
grandparents = Urmila Alahan
Ranjiv Alahan
parents = Dev Alahan
Ravinder Kalirai
siblings = Aadi Alahan
Asha Alahan (all half)
occupation = Student, employee at D&S Corner Shop
portrayer = Nikki Patel

Amber Kalirai, played by Nikki Patel, is the daughter of Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) and works in his corner shop when not at school. She first arrived on 9 November 2005, when her mum Ravinder was taken into hospital and she was looked after by Dev on the Street. Amber started helping out in the corner shop but her incessant chat wound up Dev. Initially Dev did not want Amber in his life as he was married to Sunita Parekh at the time and she served as a reminder of his philandering ways. However, he warmed to her and she came to live with him after her mother Ravinder moved to Finland with her partner. She had a crush on fellow neighbour David Platt but he was initially unaware of her feelings. When he did confront her, she denied it. He later went on to use Amber in order to make Tina McIntyre jealous after she broke up with him. In early 2008, Amber began working at Valandros restaurant with Leanne, Paul and Luigi until it was set alight by Paul. Dev then claimed that he did not want her any where near Paul.

Amber's feelings for David resurfaced in August 2008 when David flirted with her to make his ex-girlfriend Tina McIntyre jealous. He invited Amber back to his place to watch a DVD. Amber began passionately kissing him when Tina stormed in, telling David off for his games. Amber initially believed Tina was wrong, but when David told Tina Amber meant nothing to him, Amber was crushed. She has now set her sights on David's friend Darryl.

Tom Kerrigan

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name = Tom Kerrigan
first = 6 February 2008
residence =7 Coronation Street
cousins = Michelle Connor
Liam Connor
Paul Connor
aunts/uncles = Barry Connor
Helen Connor
portrayer = Philip McGinley

Tom Kerrigan, played by Philip McGinley, returned to "Coronation Street" in June 2008, having previously being seen at Liam's stag party in February that year. On his return, he began to get romantic with Carla, his cousin's widow, much to her fiance, Tony Gordon's dislike. Tom has now made good friends with gay character Sean Tully. On September 3rd 2008, Sean asked Tom could he kiss him but Tom refused as to being straight. Sean then stormed off in a huff. This led to Sean's partner Marcus Dent punching Tom after he suspected he had slept with Sean.

In September 2008, Tom entered into a men's shirt business called 'Lads Rags' with Liam. Unable to get a loan from the bank, Tom turned to Carla who gave him the 50,000 pounds that he needed, on the condition that she could have a 25% share in the business. This angered Liam at first but he eventually accepted the partnership.


Prem Mandal

Infobox soap character
series = Coronation Street
name = Prem Mandal
first = 18 July 2008
occupation = Businessman
portrayer = Madhav Sharma
children = Tara Mandal
spouse = Nina Mandal

Prem Mandal, played by Madhav Sharma, first appeared upon meeting Dev Alahan and Vernon Tomlin on a golf course. Prem, who runs a successful floor-covering business, remembered Dev from a Trades association meeting. Prem took Dev under his wing, as he said Dev reminded him of a younger version of himself. Sharma had previously played Dev's father during a 2004 appearance. [cite web|url=|title=Coronation Street actor returning as different character|publisher="The Mirror"] Dev was invited to dinner with Prem and his wife Nina Mandal on 1 August 2008. Nina then began an affair with Dev.

Nina Mandal

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
portrayer=Harvey Virdi|gender = Female
name = Nina Mandal
first = 30 July 2008
children = Tara Mandal
spouse = Prem Mandal
romances = Dev Alahan

Nina Mandal, played by Harvey Virdi, made her first appearance on 30 July 2008 as the wife of new character Prem Mandel. She began to flirt with Prem's friend Dev Alahan, who had idolized her in his youth, as she'd been a Bollywood star. The following day Nina invited Dev to come to dinner with her and Prem. When Nina and Dev were alone, Nina shocked Dev by suggesting they have an affair. After some initial reluctance, he gave in within a few days. Nina has now told Dev to book a weekend away for he and Nina behind Prem's back. Nina then began to blackmail Dev after he attempted to end their affair. When Dev was introduced to Prem and Nina's daughter Tara, Nina furiously warned the shopkeeper to keep away from her.

Tara Mandal

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name = Tara Mandal
first = 15 September 2008
portrayer = Ayesha Dharker
parents = Prem Mandal
Nina Mandal

Tara Mandal, played by Ayesha Dharker, is the daughter of characters Prem and Nina Mandal. Her creation and casting were first announced on 22 August 2008,cite news|url=|title=Corrie bags Dharker beauty|author=Jen Blackburn|date=22 August 2008|accessdate=2008-09-01] one month after "Coronation Street" was lambasted in a report by chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission Trevor Phillips for being "too white".cite news|url='s-most-popular-television-programmes-'too-white',-says-Trevor-Phillips.html|title=Britain's most popular television programmes 'too white', says Trevor Phillips|author=Nicole Martin|date=19 July 2008|accessdate=2008-09-01] The report criticised the show's tokenism in having existing Asian character Dev Alahan fill the stereotypical role of shopkeeper. Dharker's casting as Tara also dually serves to increase Dev's role in the soap, as her arrival sees him become the center of a mother-daughter love triangle. A show insider said: "We really want Ayesha to become a favourite with viewers." Tara made her first appearance on 15 September 2008. [cite news|url=|publisher="The Sun"|title=You crafty old Dev|date=4 September 2008|accessdate=2008-09-22 ]

Joe McIntyre

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name =Joe Mcintyre
first = 26 May 2008
spouse = Anna McIntyre (estranged wife)
children = Tina McIntyre
portrayer = Reece Dinsdale
romances = Gail Platt

Joe McIntyre, played by Reece Dinsdale, first appeared on 26 May 2008. He later appeared on 13 June 2008 where he met his daughter Tina's boyfriend David. He became a permanent character in August 2008, beginning a secret romance with Gail Platt, David's mother. Joe also arranged a date for Tina and David in an attempt to reunite them, but failed. In October 2008, he offered David a job much to the delight of Tina.



Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
first=12 May 2008
portrayer=Rachel Leskovac

Natasha, played by actress Rachel Leskovac, is a hairdresser in Audrey Roberts' hair salon. She made her first appeared on 12 May 2008. She came to Weatherfield as her old hairdressers had burnt down. She now appears on a more regular basis, usually seen in the salon hairdressing, and often speaks to the customers.


Ted Page

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name=Ted Page
first=28 April 2008
aunts/uncles=Tommy Page
children=Gail Platt
grandchildren=Nick Tilsley
David Platt
Sarah-Louise Grimshaw
great grandchildren=Bethany Platt
Billy Platt
portrayer=Michael Byrne

Ted Page, played by Michael Byrne, is the long lost father of Gail Platt, and made his first appearance on 28 April 2008. [cite web|url=|title=Audrey meets Ted for the first time in years|publisher=Digital Spy] A week after his arrival, Ted revealed he was gay, and had recently lost his partner of twenty years. Audrey Roberts, before splitting up with Ted fifty years previously, had discovered she was pregnant and didn't want to tell him. This resulted in Gail being born. Upon learning this, Ted became agitated as he realised he had missed out on 50 years of his daughters life and had never seen his grandchildren, Nick, Sarah and David or his great grandchildren, Bethany and Billy. Ted soon met Gail and they bonded almost instantly. Ted supported David when he was going to his job interview at a salon, going so far as to write a letter of recommendation using Audrey's name. He befriended Ken Barlow, offering him an extra ticket for a play. This led to Ken's mother-in-law Blanche Hunt suspecting Ken might become gay. Ted then became a support system for Audrey following her car accident and breakup with Bill Webster.

Joshua Peacock

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name=Joshua Peacock
first=17 April 2002
born=8 April 2002
parents=Matt Ramsden
Maxine Peacock|grandparents=Derek Heavey
Doreen Heavey
portrayer=Brandon Jackson (2002 - 2003)
Stephen Collins (2003)
Benjamin Beresford (2004-)

Joshua Peacock, played by Benjamin Beresford, was born on 8 April 2002 at Weatherfield General Hospital. He is the result of a one-night-stand between Maxine Peacock and Matt Ramsden, though is being raised by Maxine's former husband Ashley Peacock, and new wife Claire Peacock, after his mother was murdered by Street serial killer Richard Hillman when Joshua was nine months old. Matt now has regular contact with his son, and Joshua has a younger brother by Ashley and Claire, Freddie.

Freddie Peacock

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name=Freddie Peacock
first=17 July 2006
born=17 July 2006
parents=Ashley Peacock
Claire Peacock
grandparents=Fred Elliott
Kathleen Gutteridge
Yvonne Casey
great grandparents=William Elliott
Amelia Elliott|portrayer=Dylan Whitbread
Hayden Whitbread

Frederick "Freddie" Thomas Peacock [" [ In Pictures: Fire at the Peacocks'] ", "Digital Spy". URL last accessed 2007-05-10.] (né Thomas Duncan Peacock) is played by Dylan and Hayden Whitbread. He was born on 17 July 2006 to Claire and Ashley Peacock. Claire suffered from post natal depression after Freddie was born, refusing to believe that Freddie wasn't her own. On one occasion, she pushed his pram into the path of an oncoming vehicle, and also attempted to return him to the hospital. She was temporarily sectioned until she recovered and was able to return home. In October 2006, Claire announced that she would like to have his name changed from Thomas to Freddie, after his paternal grandfather Fred Elliott who had died the week before. In December 2006 he was christened Frederick Thomas, with Eileen Grimshaw as his godmother, and Roy Cropper as his godfather.

In May 2007, a fire was started in Freddie's bedroom. Claire was rescued from the burning building, but Freddie was not discovered until later in the day, wrapped up in a local park. It was revealed that the fire had been started deliberately by use of an accelerant. Originally, this storyline was to last several months, but it was rewritten to avoid upsetting the family of Madeleine McCann, who disappeared two weeks previously. [cite web|url=|title=Street rethinks child kidnap plot|] In September 2007 the identity of Freddie's abductor was revealed to be Claire's former friend Casey Carswell. Casey abducted Freddie and took him to the balcony of her flat where she threatened to jump with him. Freddie was rescued unharmed, and Casey arrested.

Graeme Proctor

Infobox soap character
name = Graeme Proctor
series = Coronation Street
portrayer = Craig Gazey
first = 18 April 2008
residence = Prison

Graeme Proctor, played by Craig Gazey, is returning later in 2008, he first appeared in April 2008 as the new cellmate for the character David Platt, he last appeared in June when David was released, he is set to return later in November following his own release.

Jed Stone

Infobox soap character
series=Coronation Street
name = Jed Stone
portrayer=Kenneth Cope
first= 13 September 1961
born = 6 March 1940

Jed Stone, played by Kenneth Cope, was a logder of Minnie Caldwell's, and her nickname for him was "Sunny Jim". [ [ Corrieblog: Jed Stone, This is Your Life ] ] Jed was initially intended to be a somewhat nefarious character, but during an argument with Ena Sharples, actor Kenneth Cope thought the cameras had stopped rolling and said, "Give us a kiss!" [ [ Corrieblog: Kenneth Cope, where have you been? ] ] The line was kept in, and Jed became a more lighthearted figure, running various schemes while helping Minnie out when he could. He became known for his trademark flat cap, which he even wore during a bed scene. Jed was arrested on Minnie's birthday in 1966 and sentenced to prison for stealing blankets.

Jed returned on August 8, 2008, wearing his cap and holding a cat (as Minnie always held her cat) named Sunny Jim. Landlord Tony Gordon barged into Jed's home, but he refused Tony's attempts to persuade him to move out by saying he'd lived there for 40 years and in spite of his health problems, he was still more of a man than Tony. Ten days later, Tony returned in an attempt to buy Jed out of the flat. Tony returned a few hours later, and Jed suffered a heart attack. Tony delayed calling the ambulance, instead calling Jason Grimshaw who was helping to develop the flats. He then told the paramedics that Jed had been ready to sign the papers before he collapsed. He left Jed's cat on the streets to fend for itself. Jed was last seen in the hospital when Tony informed him of clearing the house out and said some harsh words to Mr. Stone, Jed then began to cry in turmoil over losing his cat and home.

On September 30 2008 it was announced that Jed would return to the Street, and become another lodger at Emily Bishop's house. [] .

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